Ganderbal family alleges torture, police says can't tolerate such incidents

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Role of house owner's son surfaces in sheltering militants: SP

Javid Ahmad


On last Tuesday Shabir Ahmad Raina was sleeping at his uncle’s house at Warapahow in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district when Army, according to the family, barged into their house, broke window glasses and dragged four relatives out of the house.

Shabir had come to spend a night at the house of his uncle Abdul Gani Rania, who was detained along with his son Rouf Raina by government forces after they had an exchange of fire with the militants in the area on Monday (5 November).

By Monday evening Gani was, however, released by police. But, the actual nightmare was awaiting for the family.

“It was around 3: am on Tuesday (November 6) when government forces broke windows and barged into their house. They dragged Gani along with three other relative out of his house,” said Rouf’s cousin Shabir Ahmad.

Gani, who has stopped property dealing business, his brother Sunaullah Raina, a chef, his son Shabir Ahmad Raina and Gani’s son-in-law, Mohammad Yousuf Bhat were bundled into a vehicle and taken into a forces camp and “tortured”, said Ahmad.

“Since only female members were at house, the relatives had come to stay at Gani’s house after his son’s detention,” said Ahmad.

But, little didn’t they know the “wrath of forces” would unleash upon them next morning.

“We were asleep when a shattering sound broke the clam. They (forces) were masked and dragged us down stairs and bundled us into a vehicle,” Shabir said in a video, which has gone viral on social media.

He said that they pleaded innocence before the forces personnel and told them that they had assembled at Gani’s house as a matter of concern since Rouf’s detention.

“In the vehicle, the forces pulled the beard of elders (Gani and Sunaullah) and burnt it. The forces stopped at the University gate (Kashmir University) and threatened to shoot us,” Shabir said while withering in pain.

“We continued pleading innocence but forces didn't relent. We will accept that we are militants if they recovered anything from our possession.”

After ten minutes of drive from Malshahibagh petrol pump, Shabir said, they were taken to a (forces camp) at an unknown location where they were “undressed and tied with ropes.”

“They brought cold water and kerosene or petrol and the put a curtain. I was suffocating and begged them to let me free. Some four men came and tied me with ropes. They sat on our legs, chest and started to pour kerosene cum water into my mouth and simultaneously asked me to speak. Only God could hear our shouts there,” he narrates.

“After torture, forces thought we were dead. They got some machines and connected with our finger nails.”

After realizing our critical condition, they bundled us back into a vehicle and took us somewhere far away,” he said.

Shabir said he feared his relatives were dead and now he was waiting for his own death. “While on way, the forces would hide us behind seats whenever any civilian vehicle would pass through. We were blind folded and taken to a secluded location,” he said.

“I thought, they would kill us now. In the meantime, someone put his hand on my hand. I felt it was my father’s hand. My uncle and brother-in-law in a broke-down voice asked if we were there. After nearly 15 minutes, we couldn’t hear or see those (Army) who left us there.”

They were left unconscious, Shahir said someone (a local) came and gave those clothes and they were able to gain consciousness.

In the video, he is seen asking (forces) to recover arms and ammunition if they possess or otherwise give justice to them. Some eight relative of Gani were also detained by police. However, they were released later. Rouf is still in detention of police, Ahmad said.

Senior Superintendent of Police Ganderbal, Khalil Ahmad Poswal said police received complaint about the incident and immediately cognizance was taken.

“We have ascertained the facts. Whatever, legal action has been taken. As far as allegations Army are concerned, we have taken up mater with them,” Poswal said.

He said such incidents should not happen with the public and such actions could disturb the atmosphere.

“Whatever wrong was done by Army, we have registered a case. That cannot be tolerated. We are investigating it,” Poswal told Rising Kashmir.

He said that police has registered a separate case wherein role of Rouf has surfaced in sheltering militants in his house. “The one who sheltered militants in his house for two days can’t be spared. It is important. Rouf’s role has surfaced in the case,” Poswal said.


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