Forces aiming at civilians like sitting ducks: Sagar

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‘Governor’s admin has no respect for human rights’

Forces aiming at civilians like sitting ducks: Sagar

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Srinagar, Dec 16:

 National Conference (NC) General Secretary, Ali Muhammad Sagar Sunday said the Governor’s administration had given a free hand to the government forces to aim at civilians like sitting ducks.
“The incumbent Governor’s administration has no respect for human rights and basic fundamental rights. Our party in unison condemns the killings in strongest terms. Such acts reveal the disdain of incumbent Governor’s administration for human rights,” he said.
Sagar said such unabated killings of civilians, if not stopped, would further deteriorate the already fragile situation in the State.
“Our party’s core group has time and again implored on the incumbent Governor’s administration to stop civilian killings but our pleas fell on deaf ears. We, in fact, took out a protest rally against these unabated killings but that too fell on deaf ears,” he said.
“If the administration doesn’t stop such unabated civilian killings, we will be obligated to carry out State-wide protests against the disdain with which civilians are being devoured,” Sagar said.
He said people of Kashmir were being used as fodder by the central BJP-led dispensation to increase their electoral prospects in other parts of the country.
“The Governor’s vacillating statements on Kashmir add more confusion to the already grim situation in our State. Governor, who is busy politicking, has miserably failed to implement his assurances,” the NC General Secretary said.
Sagar said Jammu Kashmir was not a military colony.
“We too have rights and privileges to live a dignified life. The draconian law AFSPA which we want to be done away with has belittled the very dignity of human life. Even the recent assertions of former Home Minister, P Chidambaram are reflective of how inhumane the law is. What aggravates the situation is the laidback and sadistic attitude of Government of India toward such civilian killings,” he said.
Meanwhile, NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were not being adhered to during such operations.
“The civilian killings are not acceptable to us or for that matter to any sane voice throughout the country. We demand a time-bound inquiry on the incident. Civilians and militants are being treated in the same manner. There ought to be some checks and balances to ensure that civilians aren’t killed. Had proper SOPs been adhered to, such civilian killings might have been avoided,” he said.


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