Flyover mess

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Flyover mess

The second wing of Rambagh flyover was thrown open on September 20 by Economic Reconstruction Agency. Chief Executive Officer ERA, Satish Razdan, on the occasion said that travel time to reach areas like Chanapora, Kanipora and Natipora will be reduced with the 200 metre stretch made operational that day. The CEO, who cannot be blamed for traffic management inexperience, anticipated it to bring relief, like hundreds of other people. Ten days later, it is an entirely different picture with hundreds of vehicles jam-packed and bumper to bumper that are not even able to move on the narrow streets beyond the flyover wing. The sudden rush of vehicles on the new flyover wing is causing severe traffic jams on the Natipora, Nowgam and Chanapora roads. The flyover that was under construction earlier and traffic authorities’ diversion plans barred the heavy rush on the road linked to Rambagh. The stretch from Zum Zum building onwards and till the intersection at Natipora Chowk is a narrow one, and is a known bottleneck on the route. Traffic jams were witnessed on the stretch and beyond earlier also when there wasn’t the rush of vehicles on this route. But with the flyover wing thrown open and people told that it would be convenient to take the route than alternate ones, the traffic mess on the mentioned roads is obvious. The government and traffic authorities in particular has two option to control the damage caused by sudden rush of vehicles on the route. One is that they come up with a diversion plan and regulate the flow of traffic so that narrow stretches, link roads and bottlenecks don’t paralyze the movement. The second one is to widen the narrow corridors and get rid of the bottlenecks. Apparently, authorities cannot instantly get rid of the narrow corridor that causes large number of vehicles to be pushed against each other. So diversions and regulation of the road seems to be the only option. Also, there is no traffic signal on the route and even at the busy Natipora intersection a single traffic policeman cannot man the heavy traffic efficiently. Traffic authorities must install a signal at the intersection and till it is done depute more cops to manage the traffic. Travel on the road is turning out to be a nightmare, than be a relief as CEO ERA had put.         




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