Farooq calls for united front against communal forces

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Wants hawks sidelined

Farooq calls for united front against communal forces

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Lucknow, Nov 18:

 National Conference (NC) President, Farooq Abdullah Sunday urged all the secular forces of India to put up a strong and joint front against the communal forces that are bent upon tarnishing the secular countenance of India.
Addressing various public meets at Lucknow, UP, Farooq said that the communal forces were again racking up the poignant and sensitive issues in order to garner support and polarize the electorate in the forth coming parliamentary elections.
“The nation has had enough of it, the propensity of the situation demands for a progressive and secular government at New Delhi that can cherish and advance the secular values of our nation,” he said.
Farooq, who represents the Srinagar parliamentary constituency, said that the name changing spree of cities and the fanning up of passions in the run up to elections reflect that the BJP-led government at New Delhi had miserably failed to deliver on developmental front.
“People are well aware of the fact how they keep throwing catchwords as development. The need of the hour necessitates for a government which can deliver without much fanfare and slogan-mongering. The nation has had enough of it,” he said.
NC President impressed on the governments of India and Pakistan to shun enduring hostilities and give peace a chance.
“I am of the firm belief that the constituency of those who seek peace on both sides of the border far exceeds that of those who want war. Hawkish people and outfits ought to be sidelined,” he said.
Farooq said the increased levels of animosity and tension between India and Pakistan affects the political and economic activities of the people in Jammu Kashmir.
“It is the common populace, which is suffering on either sides of the border and the Line of Control. Every time it lit up with fire, common populace face the brunt of it. Innocents get killed, many resort to migration leaving their homes and fields,” he said.
Farooq impressed upon the GoI to show empathy with the people of Kashmir, especially the youth who stand disenchanted with the present situation.
“GoI should reconcile with the youth of Kashmir in order to increase the constituency of peace in the State. The iron fist strategy will push the already aggrieved and aggravated youth to the wall,” he said.
Farooq urged the GoI to come up with people-friendly CBM’s to offer some respite to the people of Jammu Kashmir.
“The best confidence building measure would be to implement the autonomy resolution which was passed by the state legislature with 2/3rd majority. The step could go a long way in instilling confidence in the people of the State. It will also advance unity and brotherhood in the State,” he said.


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