Exigent traffic plans

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Exigent traffic plans

On Thursday, capital city Srinagar and some other districts witnessed light to moderate rains. The first casualty of the drizzle was the traffic system as several key intersections soon got clogged with wads of vehicles lined up bumper to bumper and door to door. One of the known bottlenecks in the city, the road stretch connecting two major routes from Sonwar to Lal Chowk and from Dalgate to Lal Chowk, was jam-packed. The traffic signals were out and cops were said to have manually directed the traffic in the evening rush hour. At present, being the site of construction of the grade separator, which will ease off the inconvenience of the commuters, there are two small passages on sides that make vehicular traffic possible. Unfortunately, as was witnessed yesterday, traffic authorities allowed the large buses of State Road Transport Corporation to make it to the yard, making it all the more difficult for other vehicles that were stranded for half an hour. While the rules allow passages of government buses, even in the rush hours and when snarl-ups block the roads, it is not the same for large private carrier vehicles. Tippers and heavy trucks are only allowed at the end of the day. If private vehicles and coaches can cause traffic jams, why can’t the government buses, the largest buses on roads, create hurdles? The construction has left a very narrow passage for vehicles to pass and in that situation traffic authorities could have approached the transport corporation and sought either temporary shifting of the yard or allowed the buses only when the flux were manageable. Traffic jam in Pattan area on the same day also gave hard time to both commuters as well as traffic authorities. While the main reason for the latter was protests in the area, but the concern remains – how is traffic to be managed so that hours and hard efforts are not wasted. From road widening to removing the bottlenecks in city and on major routes connecting different districts, there is a lot that is still to be done. However, the efforts of the authorities to in streamlining the traffic has become a deciding factor as of now. We have seen how the department worked on traffic diversion plans to avoid jams near the newly constructed flyover and also how diversion plans are put in practice on certain festival days. Authorities should have similar plans in case of any exigency for routes that are known to get blocked once the signal is out.           





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