Equip the hospitals

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Equip the hospitals

Medical facilities in Kashmir remain disturbingly out of reach to large number of patients and hospitals continue to remain short of medicines and equipment here. Dearth of medical facilities and modern equipment is a common grievance, but now the condition in which hospitals operate has caught state-wide attention. Many people have shared their experience as – a normal person instead of feeling well inside the state hospitals feels sick and at unease. Such a perception may be due to crowded hospitals where patients can be seen flocking on any day of the week. Medical emergency conditions remain poor as most hospitals in districts and towns remain devoid of facilities. Government hospitals should have ideally been well-equipped with the emergency care facilities and the doctors should have been able to manage critically injured facilities. Not only do the hospitals lack proper blood storage set up, the critical surgeries are not being done due to which the injured are rushed to few hospitals in Srinagar. Due to the loss of time in moving the injured to the hospitals the death toll has seen a rise and number of those who are succumbing everyday is rising. Hospitals in the districts remain particularly short of surgeons and even in Srinagar city there is shortage of specialists. The emergency care mechanism particularly to attend to the trauma patients remains abysmally low on delivery. There are not one-stop facilities available at any of the Srinagar hospitals. Bone and Joint hospital did not even have the facilities to handle the critical head injury patients. Overall the health care facilities need an urgent attention of the government and in rural areas even the simple medicare facilities are lacking. The sub centers and the medical aid centers in the rural set up are manned by the paramedics who are ill-equipped to provide any help to the ailing. Such centers on which large sums of money have been spent have become only the referral points to rush the patients to Srinagar city. The government really needs to work out a long term strategy to upgrade health facilities in the state. It shall be also ensured that the patients who are ferried to the hospitals don’t face the ire of the forces. Average spending for common man on health has increased over the years. It is difficult for poor people to afford quality health services outside the government hospitals, be it to pay for tests, private consultations or for procedures. The government must increase its share of spending on the health and ensure that the government hospitals are equipped with needed machines and staff.


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