Drug abuse situation getting worse

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Families should keep a vigil on sleeping, eating, as well as friend circle of their wards

Suhail Ahmad Bhat


Kashmir once known as “Per Vaer” because of the it being an abode of saints besides the simple and  pure life style of people away from evils. But after the onset of turmoil and increased connections with the outer world the life style of people also changed drastically.

The people of Kashmir are the immediate suffers of the turmoil and violence which introduced them to drugs firstly for sleep induction or for feeling a sense of escape for current turmoil, which many drug addicts say happens after taking the drugs.

Cannabis (Chars) was used by many people for inducing a spiritual feelings amongst these followers, nowadays it is trending among youngster’s, (who can be seen bunking classes for collecting chars from plants present almost everywhere, which are allegedly sown by these earlier.  

Not only this youth take heroin, brown sugar, paint thinner, shoe polish and the liquid supplied earlier with whiteners for correcting mistakes, (I have myself witnessed by classmate taking it in my High School days,).

The figures suggest that 65 to 70 percent educated youth are drug addicts. Further, the figures at the Government Psychiatric Hospital Srinagar reveal that 90 percent of the drug abusers are from the age group of 17-35 Years.

Going by these figures and facts the situation is getting worse from bad, the need of hour is to enlighten the abusers as well as common youth about the Ill effects of this menace.

Drug abuse leads to a number of social as well as physical problems. The drug addicts can easily rob off or even kill any one for money if they do not have any to buy drugs; eve teasing and stalking is mostly associated with this menace.

Drug abusers at last turn out to worst suffers of many diseases which increase the burden on their family as well society at large.

Besides this the drug abusers are usually having bad breath, ugly and untidy appearance which is itself against the aesthetics.


The districts of south Kashmir were the main suppliers of “chars “etc. but the trend have nowadays shifted to north and central Kashmir also.

The law enforcement agencies like police and district administration should besides putting a check on cultivation of these contraband crops motivate the farmers towards growing other legal cash crops.

Any cultivations present should be destroyed as soon as possible, strict monitoring of any transportation of drugs should be done, with the help of common masses also.

Schools, colleges, universities should counsel their students about the drugs and drug abuse. In Friday sermons special mention about the prohibition of drugs in Islam should be delivered also.

For already involved people drug de-addiction centres should be made functional, besides this medical facilities should be asked not to sell any drugs without prescription which have addiction properties.

Last but most important families should keep a vigil on the sleeping habits, eating habits, as well as spending as well as friend circle of their wards, because these things can give early clues about any drug addiction.



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