Dr. Ridwana appointed consultant for Int'l boxing event

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Dr. Ridwana appointed consultant for Int

Rising Kashmir News:

Dr. Ridwana Sanam, well known for her work in the field of Physiotherapy has kicked away gender stereotypes by being appointed as consultant physiotherapist for an international boxing event "Legend & New Hope" which was held on Saturday at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi.

Ridwana sanam who believes that people with positive attitude tend to heal faster than people with cribbing and cursing attitude of “Why me”, expressed her joy for being adjudged as consultant physio for international participants.

While talking to Rising Kashmir, Ridwana said that it was her dream to work with International players.
“There was a selection criteria and had strong profile for getting appointed besides that had treated the international boxer James Smith,” she said.
“Earlier I had no idea to be the part of International Boxing event as a consultant physio and Boxing is altogether a different game having high chances for players of getting injured,” she adds.

She said that it was not easy at first as she had to get acquainted with specific injuries that occur in Boxing.

While hailing the iconic international boxer James Smith, Ridwana said, “Smith supported me a lot besides making me understand about Boxing injuries and challenges that a physio had to go through and overall it was a great experience to work with international players.”

Meanwhile, the International boxing event "Legend & New Hope" was organized by Hope and Glory, a boxing promotional company. The event witnessed the participants from Tanzania, Uzbekistan,Georgia and Philippines besides Indian Olympians Akhil Kumar and Jitender Kumar.

Moreover, WBC Asian Champion, Brijesh Kumar Meena and Maharashtra’s first pro boxer Siddharth Varma along with female fighters Rupinder Kaur, Rashmi Gorh & Preeti Dahiya also participated in this event. The event took place in a total of six bouts with four male bouts and two female bouts.
Originally from Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir, Ridwana, the Founder and Managing Director of KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Pvt. Ltd, had been honoured earlier with the 10th-National Women Excellence Award besides being bestowed with different National and International awards also for her contribution in healthcare industry.

Dr. Ridwana said, “When I came to know about this game, I realized that we don’t have any boxer from Jammu and Kashmir, it was quite painful. Boxing is an aggressive game and needs strong headed and aggressive persons and through Boxing we can channelize the aggression of J&K youth in a positive way and can produce best Boxers from J&K state.”



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