Deputy Mayor says corruption deeply rooted in SMC; announces slew of corrective measures

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‘Govt framed Smart City blindly, stakeholders not taken on board’

Deputy Mayor says corruption deeply rooted in SMC; announces slew of corrective measures

Irfan Yattoo

Srinagar, Dec 05:

 Deputy Mayor, Sheikh Imran Wednesday said that corruption is deeply rooted in the offices of Srinagar Municipal Corporation.
Addressing media persons here Imran said, “There is lot of corruption inside our offices. From getting birth to death certificates people are suffering and pay bribe to get their work done.”
“I want to see change on the ground, not on papers. Media has to highlight the issues and become the mediator between people and the government,” he said.
Deputy Mayor said Srinagar is at the final stage of destruction and needs an immediate solution. He said he wants to take out the city out from the ‘royal mess and vested politics.’
According to him, the officers of the government departments have to come out and take the people on board before taking any decision.
“The Smart City project was blindly framed and stakeholders were not taken on board,” Imran said.
“We have areas in the city where SMC, LAWDA and SDA have their jurisdictions but all move in opposite directions,” he said.
Imran said there is lack of coordination between the departments which has hit development works “but it will not be tolerated anymore”.
Speaking over the frequent water logging in the city, he said for drainage they have 723 kilometers which SMC is supposed to take over. “There is a requirement of 1100 crore rupees but only 1.10 crore have been sanctioned which is too small an amount.”
He said they should had asked the government to grant them 1100 crore rupees in three installments so that SMC can get rid of the faulty drainage system.
“Through World Bank funding SMC upgraded some dewatering stations in the city and more will come in future,” Imran said.
He said for the ease of public, building permissions, birth and death certificates and Permanent Resident Certificates (PRC) will be issued at the ward level.
“Sanitation fee of 25 rupees will be charged through PDD bills in future, and for that, we have requested the Chief Engineer PDD for guidance,” he said.
Referring to the polythene ban, Imran said polythene will be banned in the city and SMC will provide alternatives for that.
“In next 15 days we have a council meet and after that we will come up with a plan to curb the use of polythene bags,” he said.
Over advertisement hoardings and functioning of mobile towers in the city, he said SMC will now take monthly bills from them and spend that money for the welfare of people.
He said food adulteration checks which are done biannually on Eid festivals by the concerned departments will now be done on regular basis.
Replying to a query regarding vendor mess in the city, Imran said they will rehabilitate them and have a proposal of block markets which will end the mess.
“For the first time, Srinagar city will get new street lights at the cost of 17.50 crore rupees and 106 street light towers will be installed across the city,” he said.
Imran also talked about encroachments, dysfunctional streetlights, open and untreated drainage system, transport system, unplanned work and dysfunctional public toilets.
Deputy Mayor said Dal dwellers should have been shifted to a nearest location rather than sending them to Budgam district.
“There is no facility at Rakh-e-Arth, and they are selling their lands and coming back to settle in Dal interiors. Give them good living or make that Rakh-e-Arth more viable,” he said.
Regarding dog menace, Imran said SMC is working to curb the dog menace in the city.
“Very soon people will see the difference,” Imran said.


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