Markundal Killing

Court allows examination of Investigating Officer

Published at July 13, 2018 03:39 AM 0Comment(s)1179views

Bandipora, July 12:

A local court Thursday directed Investigating Officer to present himself before the court of law regarding the killing of a youth in Markundal village of Hajin town in North Kashmir’s Bandipora district in June, 2013.

The Principal District and Sessions Judge Bandipora, Syed Sarfaraz Hussain Shah directed Public Prosecutor to produce Investigating Officer Gurmeet Numgiyall as a witness before the court.
The court said that the said Investigating Officer of the case has conducted the material part of the Investigation and is allowed to be examined as a witness in the case.

“The application to the extent of other witnesses seems to be immaterial and not necessary is rejected accordingly, Public Prosecutor Shafiq Ahmed Bhat is directed to produce Investigating Officer as a witness on the next date of hearing due on July 23next month,” the court observed.

Markundal incident is related with the killing of a 17-year-old youth Irfan Ahmed who was shot dead outside his house in Markundal village in the wee hours of June 30, 2013 allegedly by Army.


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