Civilian killings

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Civilian killings

Dear Editor,

This regarding the blocking of internet services by the government for three consecutive days. The government has proved it is more frustrated than anyone else. It does not have an iota of an idea how to deal with the situation in Kashmir. It only knows how to pull the internet cable and impose curfews. Five civilians were killed, a boy was crushed to death by a vehicle but where do the so-called Kashmiri representatives go – they weep at the accidental death of a tourist in a stone pelting incident. We also condemn the death of any civilian be it a tourist or anyone else, but our leaders are more moved by the deaths of non-state subjects, forces personnel and tourists than by civilians of the valley. They will come begging for votes to us but weep at the funerals of others. How shameless they have become.

Altaf Amin Shah     


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