CDI puts an end to adulterated Pashmina in Kashmir

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CDI puts an end to adulterated Pashmina in Kashmir

Munazah Kanwal


The Craft Development Institute (CDI) in Srinagar has successfully countered the years of adulterated Pashmina made in Kashmir.

The centre was introduced to check fake articles defaming the famed Kashmiri Pashmina.

CDI laboratory assistant, Jasmeet Singh said, “The establishment of testing laboratory is the first step to stop fake, unscrupulous trade in the handicrafts sector and a new way of life for the artisans.”

Testing in Pashmina lab is based on two things - Geographical Mark and Anonymous Testing.

Only two tests - Projection Microscope and Deferential Scanning calorie meter are part of the Geographical Mark.

Coordinator Pashmina Testing Quality Certification Zameer Sayed said, "Government should hold awareness camps for the promotion of geographical mark labeling.

"The label is tamper proof, visible only under UV light having a unique tracking code to keep track of the manufacturer."

He said the 8 digit alpha numeric code stamped on Pashmina has stopped fake market of Pashmina.


Manager at testing center, Younis Farooq said, "Pashmina lab has four parameters on the basis of which labeling of products are done – The material should be pure Pashmina without any adulteration, having micron range below 16, weaving should be on traditional loom, and hand-spun."

Younis said the power loom had overpowered the handmade Pashmina, and its price in market is less in comparison to the fake shawls and thus it is affecting the life of artisans and degrading Kashmir products in the entire world.

Furthermore, he said, “Artisans complete a shawl in six to seven days but its counterpart power loom completes 90 shawls a day.”

He said the quality of the power loom is low in comparison to the carefully crafted handmade shawls.


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