Objectionable photos on social media

BJP’s legislator appears before disciplinary committee

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Wife hands over new photographs to committee members, missing girl’s family demands arrest

BJP’s legislator appears before disciplinary committee



MLA RS Pura, Dr Gagan Bhagat, on Thursday appeared before the party’s disciplinary committee to explain his position over the “objectionable photos” that went viral on social media last month.

Sources told Rising Kashmir that the MLA may land in trouble after his wife handed over a set of new photographs to the disciplinary committee.
“The girl’s family members also hold protest demonstration outside the right-wing political party’s office demanding arrest of the MLA,” they said.
Sources said that MLA RS Pura appeared before the three member disciplinary committee headed by BJP’s chief spokesperson Sunil Sethi on Thursday to explain his position.
“He has been asked to appear once again on July 19,” they said.
The RS Pura MLA appeared before the committee and claimed that the photographs circulated in social media is “a politically hatched conspiracy to dent his image for political mileage, while turning down the allegations”.
However after listening him, the committee handed him over a set of photographs which was given to them by his wife.
“The MLA in question has been asked to re-appear before the disciplinary committee on July 19th to prove his innocence,” said one of the committee members.
Refusing the allegations against him, the MLA RS Pura Dr Gagan Bhagat, while speaking to media, later on, said the allegations are “baseless and he did not know whereabouts of the girl”.
He termed those photographs as ‘morphed’ and questioned their “genuineness”. “These photographs should be investigated. They are fake. There is no fact in the photographs. The issue is politically motivated and the girl’s family has been playing in the hands of opposition like my wife,” he claimed.
“Why didn’t the media highlight developmental works in my constituency like they are going after me over this,” he added.
“I am giving Rs 1 lakhs per month to my wife and a divorce case is also before the court,” he said, adding that he is not in contact with the girl in question with whom his “intimate pictures” have gone viral on social media.
However, as per the sources in BJP, his wife isn’t receiving any financial support from the MLA.
Expressing displeasure over inaction of police and BJP, grandfather of the girl in photos told media that “We have lost faith. We know justice will not be delivered. We die every day. Our family and villagers feel shamed with the incident. We are demanding action against both the allegedly missing girl (his granddaughter) and MLA RS Pura.”
He said that both should be kept in police custody and questioned separately and “only then, the fact will come to fore”. “I have moved from pillar to post, but I am asked to appear with evidences. The photographs in public domain and everybody knows, yet they want evidences,” the disappointed grandfather said while expressing his helplessness.
“Three months have passed since my granddaughter has gone missing but there is no trace her. Probably, the girl is being sedated and is with the MLA.”
Meanwhile, another group of women appeared at the BJP headquarters and held a protest against the murder of a youth from RS Pura.
They also accused MLA RS Pura of being involved in the case.



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