BJP seeks to distance from Ganga’s remarks

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‘It was his personal statement’

Rising Kashmir News

Jammu, April 20:

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leader, Ashok Koul Thursday sought to distance the party from the controversial remarks of Industries Minister Chander Prakash Ganga wherein he called for shooting "stone-pelters and traitors" in the restive Valley.
Speaking to Rising Kashmir, BJP’s senior leader Ashok Koul said it was Ganga’s personal statement and that BJP has nothing to do with it.
“He gave this statement in his personal capacity,” Koul said, when asked about BJP’s stand on the situation in Kashmir.
“Whatever is happening in Kashmir is very unfortunate. We have sympathy with people. Some youth are being misled in Kashmir. Pakistan sponsored people are creating trouble in valley. BJP has always defended the interest of Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.
When asked whether party will seek explanation from Ganga, he said, “they will ask him”.
In the controversial statement, Ganga had said: "They are the traitors. Whether they live in the country or come from Pakistan, they can only be treated by bullets. If bullets are not there at least they should be punished, like beating them by canes. Mark my words and see whether they will pelt stones again. What 'azaadi' are they demanding?"



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