Beware of experiments

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Beware of experiments

Yesterday, on July 31, popular news channel NDTV reported that ‘the Centre has decided not to continue with NN Vohra. The report published on the official website of the news channel quoted a senior functionary of the home ministry who as per the report had said “At this late stage he is not ready to accommodate certain decisions.” The report further quoted the official saying “Mr Vohra does not want to become another Jagmohan.” Given the apprehensions over Article 35A, whose hearing in the Supreme Court is expected on August 6, the report has touched a raw nerve. The Joint Resistance Leadership supported by trade bodies and certain sections of civil society has already upped the ante by announcing that any tinkering with the Article would be responded with mass agitation in the state. With the state under Governor’s Rule since June 20 after BJP pulled out of the alliance with PDP, NN Vohra has been looking after the state. It has not been the first time that Vohra has come to the rescue of New Delhi after embarrassing political failures and experiments. A matter of fact, NN Vohra has not been as much antagonized as the coalition partners PDP and BJP, the latter in particular. Although it has never been explicitly stated, but the popular perception is that Governor Vohra has been cognizant of the sentiment of the people of Kashmir and their aspirations. With more than a decade’s experience as Governor of the most eruptive state, Jammu and Kashmir, and handling situation with a balanced approach, the governor has proved his merit and won acceptability. The message to New Delhi must be clear than it should not carry out any political experiment at this critical juncture. The establishment has to reckon that the decision by one dispensation does not become one of the biggest holes in the policy and affairs of the state. To forward the interests of one dispensation can the establishment afford to lose its footing in the state and push it in the spiral of political uncertainty? The ‘muscular policy’ has failed, denials are not going to change the fact or the situation in Kashmir. Alienation has been replaced by despise and the situation in Kashmir is not under iron curtains. Perhaps New Delhi must introspect as why the Centre and Jagmohan are still making news in India. There have been many opportunities when a solution on peace table could have been given a real chance. As is apparent in the new found anger of people of Kashmir, the betrayal has been unforgiving.   


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