Ban on polythene bags remains limited on paper

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Bags are manufactured secretly, SMC doing its job: Commissioner

Ban on polythene bags remains limited on paper

Sajidah Yousuf

Srinagar, Sep 13:

 The blanket ban on the use of polythene bags in Jammu and Kashmir has remained on papers only with Srinagar being worst hit as the authorities have failed to curb the use of deadly material.
Use of polythene bags can be spotted in every nook and corner of Srinagar city without any checks from authorities.
Suhail Bhat, a resident of Baba Demb area said used polythene bags are being thrown openly on roads leading to blockage of drains.
“These polythene bags are harmful for the environment. People throw solid waste in polythene bags which invites stray animals,” he said.
Bhat alleged that the sanitation mechanism has been neglected by the authorities in the summer capital.
“Even Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) performance hasnot helped in maintaining the sanitation,” Bhat added.
Baba Demb is not the only affected area. There are complaints from other areas of Srinagar where polythene bags are used openly.
Ghulam Rasool, a resident of Gulab Bagh said their area has become safe haven for cows and dogs due to the presence of polythene bags filled with garbage and daily household waste.
People throw the solid waste in the polythene bags on roads and cows swallow it. It is also causing public nuisance.
“Polythene bags have damaged our ecology to a large extent, but we have no realization. The state government has to take adequate measures to impose the ban on ground and not papers,” he said.
Not only the common people butthe traders, shopkeepers and vendors also defy the orders by selling their commodities in polythene bags openly.
Roadside vendors at Batamaloo said until the government doesn’t come up with an alternative for polythene itsuse cannot be curbed.
“It is impossible to ban polythene completely at the grass roots. There must be an alternative then only we can cooperate with the government,” said Ali Muhammad, a vendor.
At many places the shopkeepers have started using paper bags, but the free sale of polythene encourages them to use polythene.
Talking to Rising Kashmir, Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Peerzda Hafiz Ullah said the polythene bags are being manufactured secretly.
“We take immediate action whenever we find polythene is used somewhere. The shopkeepers and vendors already have an alternative available in the market. They can use paper and cloth bags to help us ensure the ban,” Peerzada said.
In the recent past, he claimed, that they seized polythene bags at many places. “We are working to ensure polythene is banned in totality,” the SMC Commissioner added.




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