Attempt to change demography will invite peoples’ wrath: KCSDS

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Srinagar, Feb 12:

 Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) has warned the Modi government to desist from changing the demography and geography of Jammu and Kashmir or face people's wrath.
A statement of KCDS said in a meeting on Tuesday the civil society group members discussed the disturbing news reports that PMO was in the process of changing the political map of the state by dividing it in three separate parts.
While terming the idea a “mindless contrivance bereft of moral, legal, constitutional realities”, the members warned that such an idea shall be resisted with any sacrifice.
The statement further said the members reminded the architects of this new idea not to forget that J&K state has 80% Muslim population spread over erstwhile five regions with an overall area of 222236 square kilometres. “The destiny and geography of the state could only be decided by its people after they are afforded with the right to self determination committed not only by both India and Pakistan but also guaranteed by United Nations Security Council,” read the statement.
According to the statement the members, however, observed that given the track record of the Indian governments more particularly the present dispensation, the society cannot take such reports casually more so when Modi government has installed a “partisan man of their ideology” as Governor of the state who has been busy in eroding the constitution of the state ever since his assuming of, otherwise considered as respected, office.
“The meeting informed that on one side the new fascist ideas are being flown in to obfuscate the real Kashmir issue and on the other side Supreme Court of India is being used to scare people with Damocles sword kept hanging over their heads under a threat to abrogate Article 35-A of the constitution of India,” the statement said.
The statement further warned the government that men, women and children of the state from all walks of life will be on roads to protect their rights and would not hesitate to offer any quantum of sacrifices.
KCSDS has appealed all sections of the society irrespective of their political and religious ideology to be united against any attempt to tamper with our demography and geography.
KCSDS has also endorsed the JRL stike call for two days and has appealed for making it unprecedented.


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