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Students, businessmen and tourists are the worst among the sufferers

Nazim Humayoon

Rs. 10767 for Srinagar-Jammu flight. Yes. More than ten thousand rupees, if booked a day or two before. And Rs. 4800 for Delhi-Bangalore same day. It’s astounding that Delhi-Dubai on the same date is priced at Rs 10800 only. What kind of pricing is this? Must be “loot the customer” one. Imagine the level of prices; we are being made to pay and travel. A hike which is more than 2000% can never be justified.

Every year, with the onset of winter especially, this skyrocketing of fares takes place, and we being helpless are forced to buy the tickets on such exorbitant rates.

We all know the condition of our “strategic” national highway. Its plight going from bad to worse every passing day, especially in winter and wet weather conditions.

Is Srinagar ‘’International’’ airport only airport in the world which is located in snowy terrain? Is Kashmir the only place on the globe which faces a snowy winter season?

With around 20 airlines, both private and government competing in the market, I think Kashmir is the softest target for all these to exploit the fliers.

With practically no regulations or regulators for pricing of tickets and even no intervention from the government too, the airlines have taken fliers absolutely for granted.

In case of an extreme contingency, one is forced to pay 2000% more for the flight and then exploited again and again by this unregulated pricing.

We have been hearing of night landing here at our airport for a long time now and no still no night flights are to be seen. The lame and dumb reasons for the same are being given time and again. 

The night or evening flights could have brought some respite from skyrocket prices but we all know the status of evening and night flights at our so-called ‘’international’’ airport. The Instrument Landing System and Approach Landing System are also being heard since long.

But have these things ever been practically implemented or they are being discussed on papers and meetings only. In my opinion, a deliberate attempt to delay these things is being done.

UDAN (Udedeshkaaamnagrik), an airport development and regional connectivity scheme of the central government with the aim and objective of enabling every citizen fly by making air travel affordable was started on 27th April 2017.

Forget about affordable travel, valleyites are afraid of even thinking about the same, particularly when there is an extreme need for the same that is the winter season when one tends to avoid road travel.

When you are being charged 2000% more and the reason you are getting for such hike is not even asserted, you ought to avoid such travel when it makes a big hole in your pocket.

Students, businessmen and tourists being the worst among the sufferers. With state government, travel agent associations and other stakeholders, being mute spectators unable to do anything for such woes, makes one think that it is a purposeful attempt to do so.

What is the factual truth and what is being done to stop such exploitation and planned loot of flyers, needs to be seen with the passage of time.





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