AIP holds sit-in protest against Trehgam killing

Published at July 13, 2018 03:39 AM 0Comment(s)1599views

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Kupwara, July 12:

AIP Thursday said hundreds of people led by its president Er Rasheed held a sit-in protest at Handwara against killing of Khalid Gafar Malik, a youth from Trehgam at the hands of Army.
Appealing New Delhi on the occasion “to stop genocide of Kashmiris”, Er Rasheed said that “J&K dispute needs a political resolution and violence will help no one to achieve the goal.” Statement said protesters carrying play cards condemned the murder of slain youth at Trehgam.
“The protesters raised anti forces slogans and appealed saner voices everywhere to intervene and make New Delhi understand that there are no shortcuts to resolution of Kashmir dispute,” statement said adding while addressing the protesters Er Rasheed “reminded India of its tall hollow claims that it is a democratic country which strongly believes in Gandhian principles of nonviolence.”

Statement quoting Rasheed said: “Whatsoever is happening in Kashmir is ample proof to negate India’s claims of tolerance and respecting rights of people. Had Gandhi been alive today he would have preferred to leave India rather arguing with those dealing with Kashmiris only through the barrel of gun and butchering small kids with ruthless bullets.”


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