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Absent Admin

With the recent snowfall draping most parts of Kashmir in its whites, the absence and delay of official action has provided the contrast like a black spot against it. On Thursday, most roads in Srinagar city either remained inundated or covered with the snow, making it difficult as well as dangerous to drive. Traffic witnessed on the day was thin, and as per witnesses many people returned home after driving for few minutes on the wet and snow covered roads. The situation was worse in other districts and villages that saw heavy snowfall beginning Wednesday. Even medical emergencies were reported from some areas where people were forced to carry patients on stretchers and shoulders due to the road blockades caused by the snow. While the state administration remained out of the picture, in some city areas people and volunteers took to the streets and cleared the snow. Such response from the state administration comes as a sting, since crores of rupees have been clutched in the name of managing natural disasters and crises. Perhaps the Governor administration for the record may clear up the matter and tell us what is the present strength of the government in terms of human resource and the machinery to deal with a regular crisis-like situation caused by heavy snowfall. The failure of the administration is also evident from the chaos in the valley where officials claim they have sent the snow clearance units to remove obstructions on roads. Most parts of the valley remained cut-off, yet again on Thursday. On top of it, with the flights getting cancelled and airlines charging huge sums arbitrarily, people are caught between the devil and the deep sea. Successive governments raised the issue of capping the airfare after numerous complaints of exploitation, but the airlines continue to have a freehand and charge whatever suits them on the busiest days of the season. However, most of the public complaints are directed against the missing administration when it is required most. Today, when predictions about weather are made in advance and with small deviations observed with regard to the forecasts, the administration still seems to wait until the havoc plays. The snow predication was announced by the weather department in advance, so the question on everyone’s mind is what did the administration do in its preparatory run. It seems they were so ill-prepared as they are believed to be usually. The Governor administration has in fact tried to earn a reputation for itself, however, the disconnect with the people of Kashmir has become apparent. There are times when meetings and paper work do not suffice, and the presence on the ground and among the people counts.         


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