Civilians killed

Published at May 07, 2018 06:17 AM 0Comment(s)2187views

Dear Editor,
A civilian was crushed to death by a police vehicle on Saturday and five civilians were killed in Shopian on Sunday. The situation in Kashmir has turned from bad to worse. Indian government’s new policy on Kashmir is CASO and kill. This government has created more militants than previous two governments did in 10 years. How many people will the government kill and for how long? The more people they will kill and put in jails the more justified the cause of the people will be. People are very angry. Youth are looking forward to join militant ranks. They are driven by revenge and anger. In such a state they can do anything. The government must keep that in mind. If it wants its days to be over in Kashmir it must continue doing what it is doing now but if it wants to extend its stay in Kashmir it must give a serious thought on its policy and achievements. Kashmiris have started hating to be a part of India and only the government is responsible for it.
Rayees Mir


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