New found freedom & peace define region after Art 370: LG Sinha
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New found freedom & peace define region after Art 370: LG Sinha

Says youth embrace nightlife with guitars, defying Pak-backed propaganda •       Felicitates candidates trained by BSE

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Sunday, August 6, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 05:Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha remarked on Saturday that four years after the abrogation of Article 370, the region is basking in a peaceful environment, providing the youth with enhanced opportunities to pursue their aspirations. The removal of Article 370 has empowered the younger generation to freely explore their ambitions, he asserted.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an event at SKICC Srinagar, where certificates were distributed to BSE trained candidates, appointment letters were handed out to Anganwadi workers, and special aids were provided to specially-abled individuals, LG Sinha expressed his satisfaction with the current state of affairs. He emphasized that every citizen in Jammu and Kashmir is currently relishing a peaceful atmosphere.
LG Sinha reminisced about the turbulent days of street protests, extended closures of schools and colleges, incidents of stone pelting, and separatist activities, noting that those days are now in the past.
He remarked, "The region has undergone a transformative scenario wherein the youth now comfortably enjoy their evenings, taking leisurely strolls along the riverfront, playing musical instruments like the guitar, and returning home late at night. The atmosphere has significantly improved, bestowing upon the youth new opportunities and a heightened sense of security."
LG Sinha pointed out that in the past, life in Kashmir differed greatly, with people rushing home as soon as the sun would set. However, he underscored the positive change that has taken place, observing that today people opt to spend their time outside, participating in various activities in markets and parks, all while embracing the newfound sense of security and freedom.
Highlighting the most prominent transformation on the ground, LG Sinha emphasized the newfound freedom that people are savoring after decades. He also stated that efforts by Pakistan-backed propaganda have failed, and the region is collectively embracing the current state of peace. He hailed this as a substantial achievement, albeit a beginning.
Meanwhile, LG Sinha shared information about the Mission Youth initiative launched by the J&K administration, which has partnered with the Mumbai Stock Exchange to offer expanded opportunities for the youth of the Union Territory to excel in diverse fields.
"At present, numerous young individuals are shaping their futures, benefiting from ample platforms to showcase their talents and achieve success in various domains," he added.
During the event, LG Sinha personally handed over appointment letters to Anganwadi Sanginis and Sahayikas. Additionally, 2832 specially-fitted scooters were presented to persons with disabilities across the UT.
LG Sinha attributed the remarkable progress and tranquility in the region to the dedicated efforts, hard work, meticulous planning, and effective execution of Team J&K. He wholeheartedly dedicated these initiatives to those who are committed to establishing a corruption-free, fear-free, and self-reliant Jammu and Kashmir.

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