Need for modern education with a moral compass: LG
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Need for modern education with a moral compass: LG

Achala Education Foundation Trust honours exceptional teachers & scholars 

Post by RK News on Monday, November 6, 2023

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Ahmedabad, Nov 05: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha graced the "Achala Adhyapak Samman" event organized by the Achala Education Foundation Trust in Ahmedabad today. This prestigious gathering aimed to recognize and honor exceptional educators and research scholars for their significant contributions to the field of education.
During the felicitation ceremony, Lt. Governor Sinha lauded the relentless efforts and unwavering commitment of the Achala Education Foundation Trust, operating under the esteemed guidance of renowned educationist and social activist Dr. Mafatlal Patel. Their mission revolves around societal transformation, fortifying educational institutions, and ensuring the delivery of quality education to all.
Emphasizing the pivotal role teachers play in cultivating a knowledgeable society and preparing the youth for the nation's progress, Lt. Governor Sinha stated, "The education sector is currently undergoing an intriguing phase of transformation and development. Our educational system should not only provide modern knowledge but also instill values in students. It should ignite a passion for learning, transcending the boundaries of mere information."
In addition, Lt. Governor Sinha highlighted the imperative need for educational reforms to empower the younger generation and address global challenges. He underscored that the impending revolution shaping the world is the one driven by Artificial Intelligence. He stressed the importance of ensuring that these cutting-edge tools transform the lives of ordinary individuals.
Lt. Governor Sinha shared some of the distinctive initiatives undertaken by the Union Territory Administration, guided by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These initiatives aim to provide inclusive, equitable, and high-quality education while also focusing on skilling and up-skilling the talented youth of Jammu and Kashmir.
The event saw the presence of members of the Achala Education Foundation Trust, distinguished personalities from various fields, educators, and scholars.

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