Nature’s fury
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Nature’s fury

Post by on Thursday, June 23, 2022

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The turn in weather has caught us all off guard. For the past some days the clouds have shaped up dangerously. Incessant rains have led to a dangerous situation as the threat of floods in Kashmir valley is still looming large. The level of water in Jhelum and other water bodies are frighteningly pointing towards that as the Jhelum River has crossed flood declaration mark at Sangam even as the weather has started to improve slightly. Although the Meteorological Department has forecasted that weather will likely improve from Wednesday afternoon and we may pray for things to change for better in terms of weather but at the same time we should be prepared to meet the challenge in case rains refuse to stop. This is not for the first time that this situation has emerged as the result of torrential rains that have been casting a shadow over valley for the last few days. In this age and day of technology the weather forecast is readily available with a common man and the government should have been ready to face the situation in view of the possibility of unending spell of rains The question that has surged up is that what is the level of readiness of our administration? In the sunny days of year we often hear of various government departments conducting seminars and workshops on disaster management. Loads of lectures and tones of ideas are stuffed into our minds. We are enlightened about the latest techniques being adopted in developed countries; we are being apprised of the levels of danger that we are always living against; we are being guided to change our way to build homes and do other things that can help in the times of disasters, but has administration adequately prepared itself during this time. The time for applying all the disaster management talk has probably come. Many dwellings are dangerously poised in case Jhelum turns furious, what has government thought about the people living in those areas? The main artery that connects north and south Kashmir to Srinagar, Jammu-Srinagar highway, inundates at several places and cuts the areas off each other, in that case are the alternative routes available for the population. This is high time that our administration saves some time from managing day to day affairs of the government; they better turn their eye towards the surging waves of food. All that high talk about disaster management will be thrown back at the head of the administration if it fails to manage the matters in case a flood hits Kashmir.




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