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My purpose in Kashmir is to promote good cricket: Dav whatmore
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My purpose in Kashmir is to promote good cricket: Dav whatmore

Post by on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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Australian cricket coach Dav Whatmore who is presently in Srinagar, is training the cricket enthusiasts at MS Dhoni cricket academy under the canopy of Doon International School. 


Whatmore is a Sri Lanka born Australian cricket coach and former cricketer. A right-handed batsman has played seven test matches for Australia in 1979, and one One-Day International in 1980. At the first-class level, he scored over 6,000 runs for Victoria. 

Having coached teams like Srilanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, he led Sri Lanka to the World Cup trophy in 1996.

In conversation with Rising Kashmir’s feature writer Insha Latief KhanWhatmore talks about the cricket scenario in Kashmir and its people.

The training camp is going to be for two days. What are your expectations?

My expectation is pretty much similar to most of the places I have visited. My primary reason for being here is to share my knowledge with the cricketers. There is a huge cross-section of players. Some first class players and some good club players and some juniors and beginners have participated in the camp so it's a little bit daunting at times but my reason for being here is to promote good cricket through various academies, MS Dhoni academy and I am very pleased to do that. I have started yesterday and I have three more sessions before I leave and I am trying to share as much knowledge as I possibly can.

 The speed star Umran Malik has made his place in the Indian Cricket squad. Do you think that there is more talent like him in the valley? 

I would really hope so with the state. Umran is a wonderful player and he has been a bit of a revolution. He has been rewarded with his selection in the national team. I am sure he will be extremely excited about that. So as a knock on effect, there are lots of boys around who want to emulate him and I am hopeful that can happen. We will see more of the speed emergence running around Jammu and Kashmir. 

There have been many net bowlers from Jammu and Kashmir in the IPL. Do you think they have a chance of being a part of any IPL team?

When you are a net bowler, you are exposed to big players. There is a real opportunity to impress and we have seen a good example of net bowlers who have been retained with their respective franchises because there has been an injury or an illness of a player who cannot continue and then the net bowler comes in. There have been a few such examples and net bowling in an IPL franchise is a good thing. 

A cricketer on field has to go through a lot of pressure and stress. What really works in the field?

It is a combination. If you are working with the upper end, the lot of it is a bit more management from the team’s perspective.  Certain tactics and a little bit of technical aspect is there but the most important is the mental skills and the ability to cope with pressure. There are few little tricks over trade. I would like to pass on to the boys who are at the top end. That will help hopefully to get them better in terms of stressful situations. 

Do you think more academies and cricket coaches should come here to train the cricket enthusiasts of Kashmir?

More than increasing the number, it’s the quality. Good quality coaches should be here. The best coaches should be working at the grassroots because that’s where you influence the most. Good coaches rather than quantity should come here.  

Who is your favorite cricketer?

I have many favorite cricketers who I appreciate. I am not part of the IPL or any international team so I am in a good position to appreciate good things and there are a lot of good things with a lot of good cricketers. I appreciate good efforts and performances. Yesterday’s game was the best game, I didn’t watch it. I think in the end, the best two teams played off which I think is good. The newest team won it because they were a good team. 

If your team is not doing well on the field, what emotion will you have as a coach?

You need to keep your emotions away as much as you can and focus on what exactly is happening and what should be done to fix it. You will feel bad and that is part of it because we are humans but we have to try hard to keep our emotions out of the game.

In recent years, many youngsters are pursuing cricket as a career and many had to give up on their dreams due to societal pressure. What is the solution?

I am a parent and I would also like my child to be highly qualified. I think there is room for a parallel career. I think if kids are smart enough, they can accommodate both. To be honest, having a good healthy sport will assist the academics and academics will assist the sports. It’s the matter of managing your time properly and given the right encouragement and confidence from parents. 

Many females are also coming up and making their place in the game. Where do you think women's cricket will go?

The girls’ cricket is the future. The ICC is going to develop women’s cricket all over the world and why not also in Kashmir and in academia? I will certainly support women's cricket in the game. 

You have been part of the Australia cricket squad who came to Srinagar in 1979. How has been your experience in Kashmir?

This is really my first time. In 1979, I was part of the Australian test squad and was pretty much sheltered from experiencing the day to day lives of Kashmiris. This is really my first time and I have always enjoyed and embraced different people and cultures and this is another example of it and it’s really good. 

You have coached and been to many countries? Which is your favourite place where you cherish living?

Apart from Sri Lanka, it's India because I have been here more than in any other place of the world. I feel like a part of this country. Its people make it what it is. The culture and hospitality of the people makes it what it is. 

Kashmir has got too much hospitality. I am here for a short time and my purpose is to work here. Hopefully I can return for a day or two to accommodate looking at these beautiful places. Certainly I will come.

What would be your message for the budding cricketers?

Most of the boys are in a learning and development phase. The minority are the ones who are applying already for first class cricket so these academies attract boys who want to learn and improve their game. My words are: enjoy what you are doing. Learn and then try very hard to improve your technical skills. Once you prove your technical skills are better than in competition we can move on further. 

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