Move forward
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Move forward

Post by UMMAR JAMAL on Monday, January 30, 2023

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Time has arrived to assuage the worries and must move forward

I can’t see you anymore peregrinating, now you enough wandered


Who cares about past, for the past can’t changed

Whoever immersed in past much, it left him deranged


If you put your best to bring to fruition your goals, then why you should rue?

If you gave your best, why you should engross yourself in sorrow through and through


Now if you didn’t put your best to bring your goals to fruition still there is no reason to rue

Nothing is now realizable as scorching July sun has already thawed the dew


Are worries going to undo your past errors?

No way, as against, they will add to your displeasures


Hey! Earthling if even the earth you live on is moving, why you don’t move on?

Though life will be enervating initially, but then you will acquire peace and serenity thereupon



(Poet is columnist and law student at Kashmir University. He tweets at ummar_jamal and can be reached at


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