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Modern Man

Post by on Friday, January 28, 2022

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Sweet his tongue and endearing his utterance

He is impudent in sooth, still shamming reverence

Derisive his smiles and disdainful look

Befriending others whilst his own parents he forsook

He succours others for not sake of their convenience

But he aims at getting the social activism licence

In this day and age sincerity is scarce as hen’s teeth

Amid such milieu it feels hard to breathe

Just in a day’s time he speaks hundreds of lies

Day and night the law of God he deifies

Amassing the wealth materialistic he has became

He runs after just money, name and fame

He spends hours chatting with social media friends

For confabulating with his old parents he hardly any time lends

Sometimes I rue that why I was not born in old days

When people used to be ingenuous in uncountable ways


(The poet is a columnist and law student at Kashmir University. He tweets at ummar_jamal)

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