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Moderation is a virtue
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Moderation is a virtue

Post by on Friday, June 17, 2022

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Being moderate in our day to day affairs is very important in order to live a peaceful life. The religion of Islam promotes and encourages moderation in all aspects of life. Many religious experts are of the opinion that moderation is a center point between two extremes. Thus being moderate helps a person to live a balanced and purposeful life. Furthermore, it is a positive and admirable trait to be within reasonable limits. Also moderation refers to an admirable character that falls between two opposite ideologies. The true concept of moderation is to live in peace and spread mercy and compassion, irrespective of the differences within a society. The principle of moderation can be interpreted in a variety of ways; it defines how a Muslim interacts with his fellow Muslims as well as non-Muslims. The teachings of Islam are based on moderation, spirituality, and morality. In every aspect of life, Islamic teachings negate extreme activity. Whoever wants to make Islam a tough religion, he is a loser and he makes others to be frustrated and upset. On the other hand, whoever follows the teachings of Islam with moderation, he is going to enjoy his life and to improve his manners.  He is to live in peace and harmony. He will attract many people to join Islam and to the teachings of Islam with ease and happiness. Allah (SWT) informs us in the Holy Quran about the good practicing Muslims, that when they spend their money they are on the moderate side. They don’t behave as extremists. Allah (SWT) also informed us that when we eat or drink, we should not be extravagant, but we should be moderate. The Prophet (SAW) also informed us to practice the Islamic injunctions in moderation. Whoever takes Islam in extremes, will be the loser. Muslims are advised to practice religion in moderation. We must not frustrate other Muslims and not to make Islam a hard religion. We must preach the teachings of Islam with simplicity, with ease, with moderation and with encouragement. Allah (SAW) wants us to live and practice the teachings of Islam without hardship, without suffering and without any difficulty. In all aspects of life, moderation entails choosing a middle ground between two extremes; in all facets of life. Islam emphasizes moderation and balance. We must try to live our lives in moderation and harmony with others. By avoiding extremes, we can make this world a better place to live in.

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