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Mehbooba appeals Kashmiri youth to shun militancy

‘J&K will need your help in times to come to set things right’

Post by on Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Srinagar, June 25: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Saturday said J&K is passing through tumultuous phase and in times to come the state will need the help of youth to set things right. She appealed to the youth of Kashmir to shun the path of militancy and save their lives, asserting security forces were getting incentives out of it.
Addressing media persons at her Gupkar residence, the PDP president said, “I hear every day three or four youths are killed, which depicts the recruitment into the militant ranks at local level has increased.”
“It is my request to the parents and their children to save their lives because killing you is an incentive for security forces who get money and promotions out of it,” she added.
Referring to protests by Kashmiri Pandits over the target killings of their community members, the PDP president said people, including the religious leaders, should emphasise the fact that Pandits are a part of Kashmiri society and are its asset.”
“There was uncertain situation in my tenure too but no Pandit was killed. I appeal to our people, our Imam’s (religious leaders) to disseminate the message that Kashmiri Pandits are our assets,” Mehbooba said.
Blaming the BJP for the ongoing political uncertainty in Maharashtra, the PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti said what is happening there is a “total corruption and reflection of what BJP did in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Goa through horse-trading.”
She also accused the BJP of turning democracy and secularism upside down.
“There was no greater example of political corruption in the history of the country than the way the BJP indulged in horse-trading in MP, Rajasthan, Goa and Maharashtra,” Mehbooba added.
“The country was built with the blood and sweat of leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, AtalBehari Vajpayee and Rajiv Gandhi. Its basis was democracy and secularism. BJP is, however, doing the opposite. I have never ever seen such a corrupt government in my life,” she said.
Mehbooba lashed out at the BJP government alleging that all methods were being used to disempower people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Since the delimitation commission was formed, its main objective remained to make people of Jammu and Kashmir powerless. Besides, a fresh education section in J&K is being targeted to snatch the right to education to children of Jammu and Kashmir, she said.
“Now there is a latest attack on education. First, they targeted the 300 schools of FAT. They are accused of being affiliated to the Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI). Is JeI a criminal organisation? Does it provide arms training or trishul or sword training to children which otherwise takes place at (RSS) shakhas?,” she said.
The FAT run schools were providing modern education to poor. The only difference is that our poor children study there in minimal fees. This move of the Government will leave lacks of students and thousands of teachers helpless.
She further said that J&K is passing through a tumultuous phase and in times to come, the state will need the help of youth to set things right. She appealed to youth to stay away from violence and arms.
PDP president accused the J & K Administration of allotting contracts related to development works to “outsiders.”
“Our jobs are put on sale. Our land is prioritised and given to security forces first. All small and big contracts are being allotted to outsiders. All methods to disempower people of J&K are being employed,” Mehbooba said.

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