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Meet the girl running successful online thrift store in Valley
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Meet the girl running successful online thrift store in Valley

At a time, when unemployment in the Valley has been on a rising graph, a young entrepreneur from Srinagar didn't only dare to choose an out of box business venture but managed to make a mark in it too. Meet Syeda Sakeena, who is running her one of its kin

Post by on Sunday, November 15, 2020

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Tell us something about yourself


I'm 22 and a mass communication graduate, about to join masters in the same field. I'm a freelance photographer as well, particularly interested in cinematography. Plus I'm an environmentalist and I try to do my own little part every now and then. I own an online thrifting store named as Vintage Valley Store. 



How did you get this business idea?


Vintage had long been a part of my life. I've always had a penchant for old things and the stories they tell. I found preloved pieces fascinating and a way to save resources of earth and pocket simultaneously. As a teenager, I preferred thrifted clothing to new. The smattering of stores screaming "common" from their windows just didn't cut it for me, and the thought of paying to look like everyone else seemed utterly meaningless. I'm a nature lover/environmentalist and reading all day long about the unnecessary cruelty humans are doing because of fast fashion trends is painful and that's where I started working on what I believe in. There is no need to spend extra money for what you can get cheaper and save resources.


What products do you offer


Thrifting is a passion. Vintage Valley Store is an authentic store for preloved wardrobe, home decor, bags, accessories, mainly high ended branded bags and a little more.

All our products are pre-loved, rejected projects, surplus, DIY, custom seized etc. 

Valley's first vintage store is the way of shopping and seeking to bring one-of-a-kind preloved pieces back to life. VVS creates a multifaceted wardrobe, which plays with codes and dares to mix them to suit all personalities. The vintage treatment of products at our store gives depth and life to the pieces. The meticulous craftsmanship produces a truly sensory experience which makes you fall in love with our products. The contemporary style collections at VVS mixed with fashion and emotions creates the perfect link between the seasons and generations.



How do you advertise to promote your business 


Our customers are our main source of advertisement. I think our work and our products speak for themselves. It is a mad world out there where even the most menial of things are advertised out of proportion. I believe in delivering good products that can stand on their own and do their own PR.


What's unique about your business


I fall in love with the idea of sustainable fashion. It's like treasure hunting and you aren't hurting the earth. What can be better than that. People who can afford high-end products don't eventually keep that because of fast fashion changing trends and what we're doing is to try to give that experience to those who can't afford or don't want to spend a big amount of money on branded pieces. Simply switching to thrifting isn’t going to completely solve all of the problems within the fashion and textile industry, but it is one way we can work to minimize our own carbon footprints and make small steps towards a better future. If you are privileged enough to be able to choose between shopping at fast-fashion site or other high ended stores, I’d advise you to think about the planet and choose the latter. Vintage valley store is all about nature lovers who love to treasure hunt. Environmentalists may prefer buying second-hand goods as it uses fewer natural resources and would usually do less damage to the environment than by buying new goods would, in part because the goods are usually collected locally. In addition, reusing second-hand items is a form of recycling, and thus reduces the amount of waste going to landfill sites. People who oppose sweatshops often purchase second-hand clothing as an alternative to supporting clothing companies with dubious ethical practices. People who desire authentic vintage clothing typically shop at thrift stores.  

It doesn't take too much to look good.


Why did you choose this business only


My idea is just not about break into the fashion industry, or get rich quickly it's about doing something that matters. Giving your part to your home earth by saving resources. 



What are your responsibilities


I look over the entire life cycle of our customer purchase. My task includes handpicking and making products sell ready. I do the photo shooting of the products and then upload it to my website page. Once listed products are purchased, I manage all the logistics too. Like tracking them down and working on customer's feedback. 


Do you have any employee


No, it's a one-woman army. I manage the business by myself. But without the emotional and family support mainly my sister, I don't think I would be able to do all this. They have been by my side at every step, and their support is strong enough for me to be able to work my way through all the hassles of such a business by myself and without any other employees. But by Allah's grace, when my business will expand, I do plan to hire some help.



Your advice to start-ups


Don't wait. Just start. You will learn lessons along the way on your own mistakes and from other people. You will learn when to follow the rules and when to rewrite them. Go with your guts always. I think people should also look at different and unique business ideas. It's not that we are short on ideas, but all we have to do is be bold and be confident enough to work on them and work hard. Believe in yourself, your ideas and always be open to changes and learning. That's the key.

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