Meet Bandipora's 10-Year-Old Nature Vlogger
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Meet Bandipora's 10-Year-Old Nature Vlogger

Balancing Dreams, Studies and Passion

Post by Shafat Malik on Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Hailing from North Kashmir's Bandipora District , 10 year old Numan, has already embarked on a fascinating journey of self-discovery and achievement. His story is one of youthful exuberance, parental support, and the pursuit of dreams. 

It all began when Numan started using his phone to capture the world around him. Fascinated by nature's wonders, he wanted to share his experiences with others. Recognizing his passion, Numan's father decided to invest in his son's dreams, buying him a professional camera to help him make even better videos. From that moment on, Numan's life became a delightful blend of fun and learning.


"I am experiencing nature in its truest sense," Numan said with a sparkle in his eyes. "And there is still a long way to go," he added.


Yet, Numan is not just about documenting nature's beauty. He is also taking small but significant steps to memorize the Quran. His parents, while supportive of his endeavors, ensure he strikes a balance between his passion and other responsibilities. Numan's story is a testament to the importance of finding equilibrium in the digital age, where smart gadgets can be both a boon and a distraction.


What's particularly admirable about Numan is his respect for his parents' wishes. He shares wisdom beyond his years when advising other children interested in pursuits like vlogging or gaming. "My request would be only to follow that path if your parents feel it's right for you," he advised. "They know what is best for you."


Numan's ambitions extend beyond vlogging and memorization. He dreams of cracking the UPSC exams and becoming an IAS officer. His favorite subjects include history, social sciences, and geography, and he draws motivation from the inspirational quotes hanging near his study desk. One of them reads, "You have to dream before your dream comes true." Numan wrote another one himself, in bold letters: "IAS."


"Whenever I feel low or face problems," Numan shared, "these quotes give me the motivation to get up and retry. They boost me and remind me that there is more to be done."


Numan's parents couldn't be prouder of their son. They actively engage with his vlogs, displaying genuine interest and excitement. "My parents are always excited when I am about to post new vlogs," Numan said with a warm smile. "They always ask me about the progress related to editing and posting. They have been supportive."


In Numan's inspiring story, we find not just a young vlogger but a testament to the power of balancing passion, studies, and dreams, all while respecting the wisdom and guidance of parents.

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