Meet 15-year-old python developer from Kulgam
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Meet 15-year-old python developer from Kulgam

Post by on Saturday, July 23, 2022

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A teenager in the village of Kulgam uses his mind for the subject which an expert after studying for years hardly succeeds in occupying.
Technology has evolved considerably, with a one-year-old, easily surfing YouTube and playing their kind of videos.
Replicating the same, Muffakir ibn Hamid, a 15-year-old boy from Yaripora is not a common teenager, but, at a very young age, he started his career in App and Web design.
A student in class 9 of Yaripora Mission Public High School, Muffakir comfortably handles both studies.
Besides being an academic topper, Muffakir is a python developer and the youngest in the district to touch the software coding language.
“In class 7, I stumbled upon an ad about a coding program. And for which I had to join an online class via computer. However, I had not my laptop, but I managed to get in touch with my uncle's laptop,” Muffakir told Rising Kashmir.
His online course on a coding program gave him an advantage over his father and he hurried to Anantnag to get a laptop for his child. Muffakir joined an online course on python and learned all the basics of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
“The future coding programme is said to be in python, and I am about to complete this course. Furthermore, I will study artificial intelligence (AI) using python as my language,” he said.
Muffakir owns J&K SOLUTIONS, a website he developed earlier. The site helps businessmen to maintain their business in an on-line presence. They provide web development, graphical design and video editing.
Following artificial intelligence, he is planning to upgrade to Java and develop mobile applications using Kotlin. He also intends to develop a mobile assistant application like google assistant.

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