Media expert Prof Jethwani interacts with students at MERC 
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Media expert Prof Jethwani interacts with students at MERC 

Post by RK News on Thursday, August 17, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 16: Professor Jaishri Jethwaney, a renowned communication and marketing consultant and the director of marketing and advertising at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) New Delhi, engaged in an enlightening interactive session with students from the Media Education Research Centre (MERC) at Kashmir University.  The session was attended by the students including the fresh batch of the PG students, besides the faculty members and scholars of the department. 
During the engaging discussion, Prof Jethwaney shed light on the evolving media ecosystem and its interconnectedness with technology. Her insights provided a comprehensive understanding of the intricate world of media dynamics to the participants.
"In the dynamic landscape of the media ecosystem, our reactions to its ever-changing nature are crucial," Professor Jethwaney said, adding, "The media, as a multifaceted subject, presents an array of perspectives. When we examine the pluralistic nature of media, the collective influence of various outlets, such as mass media, becomes evident.”
Her insights navigated through the intricate web of media infrastructure and supply chains. "The media infrastructure and the intricate supply chains are the unseen gears that facilitate the flow of information. Understanding the dynamics within media, encompassing politics, entertainment, advertising, and even crime, becomes a key component of engaging with its multifaceted nature," she said.  
She discussed the public health scenario in India, particularly the hesitancy surrounding vaccinations. "Our work on public health, especially among children, remains paramount. However, we acknowledge the presence of vaccine hesitancy, a challenge we confront while communicating crucial information," she said.
In a dynamic session that echoed the ever-evolving nature of media, Professor Seema Sangra shed light on the paradigm shift occurring in the industry.
Accompanying her, Professor Seema Sangra, an Associate Professor at Amity University Dubai, engaged students in a thoughtful discourse about the media landscape, its importance, and its transformative potential.
"Media is not just for Gen Z, it's the heartbeat of society," Professor Sangra asserted. "It's not about 'new media,' it's about 'the media,' and it has the power to shape perceptions and influence society."

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