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MC Baramulla seals Congress district party office for non payment of rent

Post by on Thursday, June 2, 2022

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 The Municipal Committee Baramulla on Wednesday sealed the district Congress party office building for non-payment of rent from the last many years. 

The officials said that the Congress party office bearers have over 9 lac rupees as outstanding towards the Municipal Committee Baramulla. 
The MC Baramulla President Touseef Raina along with other officials sealed the congress party office near Urdu bazar in Baramulla town on Wednesday morning. . 
While talking to Rising Kashmir, MC Baramulla President Touseef Raina said that an outstanding of 9 lac rupees is pending with the Congress party district office bearer.
“Since 1973, they (Congress party office bearers) have not paid the rent of the office. Around Rupees 3600 has been fixed as yearly rent of the office and they owe the municipal office 9 Lac and 4 thousand rupees. We issued several reminders to the party office bearers time and again seeking payment of rent, but they are not paying any attention towards the issue. The process will continue and we will take action against all those who are not paying the rent on time,” Raina added.
He said that the Congress office-bearers must clear all the pending dues within four days, else Municipal Committee Baramulla has no other option but to rent it out to some other people and generate revenue. 
“Let the congress party office bearers clear the amount as we will utilize the same amount for some developmental work in Baramulla.  If not, then we will have to rent it out to some other people or any NGO who can generate employment and revenue in the town,” Touseef said.

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