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May Day: United struggles only way to resist govt’s ‘anti-labour’ policies: Tarigami

Post by on Monday, May 2, 2022

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Srinagar, May 01:  On the eve of International Labour Day, Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) Sunday held a rally at Press Enclave, Srinagar.
A party statement said that while addressing the rally, State President CITU Mohammad YousufTarigami extended revolutionary greetings to the working people who have been in continuous struggles to defend their rights, livelihood and paid rich tributes to Chicago martyrs of 1886.
He said that the BJP led government is trying to erode whatever achievement has been made by the working class. Whatever has been left is being snatched away from them. Harsh measures are being taken against the working class across the country instead of addressing their issues. The policies pursued by the BJP led government have resulted in job loss and attacks on livelihood of common people have increased, he said. He paid tributes to Zaldagar martyrs of 1865.
“This shawlbaf protest has given vent to numerous movements of the working class. The traditional artisans and weavers also reap little benefits of their hard toil,” he added.
He demanded a social security board for these artisans on the pattern of Construction Welfare Board and weaver off loans to them.
Mohmad Afzal Parry, CITU leader said the staff under NHM including ASHAs working as frontline workers are getting meager incentives. ASHA workers have been fighting for better remuneration or a fixed salary, a demand that has never conceded so far. 
GhMohiudin Lone, CITU leader, while addressing the rally said that SafaiKaramcharis working under stress are being paid meager wages and are unable to feed their families. 
Ab Rashid Pandit, CITU leader, while in his address said that dismissing a government employee or taking punitive action against him without holding any inquiry is arbitrary, draconian and against the principles of justice and basic rights. 
Ab Rashid Najar, CITU leader said that the social security benefits like pension, provident fund, health insurance etc. are hard won rights of the working class secured through decades of struggle. 

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