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May Day: NC took path-breaking initiatives for welfare, empowerment of work-force: Gupta

Post by on Monday, May 2, 2022

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Jammu, May 01: Lauding the resilience and fortitude of work force for their sustained efforts in building ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’ as per the dreams of visionaries, who envisioned a progressive, prosperous and peaceful state, senior National Conference (NC) leaders Sunday said that the May Day is reminiscent of the workers’ rights and societal response towards their well-being.
“It is a day of introspection for us all to ponder whether we have succeeded in assuaging their aspirations and urges,” addressing a gathering NC provincial president Jammu Rattan Lal Gupta said and complimented the relentless campaign of the Labour Union in fighting for genuine cause of the workforce.
 “Labour force are the builders of the nation and the catalyst of socio-economic transformation,” he added.
Gupta castigated the BJP for allegedly “ignoring” the welfare of the labour force, saying but for remaining entangled in divisive politics, the party ditched the people of Jammu, especially weaker sections. 
He also lashed out at a senior BJP leader for unleashing a malicious campaign against the National Conference and described it as a sign of frustration due to rejection by the people.
Speaking on the occasion, former minister and Central Secretary Mr Ajay Kumar Sadhotra said that every day is a labour day but observing it on May 1 has a historical significance as hundreds of people sacrificed their lives during the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago nearly two centuries ago while struggling for their rights. “Commemorating this day should not be a ritual but an occasion to pledge for wellbeing of the labour class and strive for dignity and honour of the work force”. He recalled the crucial role played by labourers in shaping the public movement in Jammu and Kashmir as elsewhere in the world decades ago.

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