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Marriage and society
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Marriage and society

Post by on Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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Marriage is a chapter of life, a contract which in its essence promises joy and benefits for those who seek. It is a salient feature of human civilization that is institutionalized in every society and culture on the foundations of worldly significance and respect for human relations. Besides the religious context, every society and community has its exclusive ways to conduct marriage. No one can doubt the importance of marriage, not only as a social practice but also from the angle of human need. It is the phenomenon through which the existence on this planet stands sustained. In the history of the movement of human civilization many practices were discarded and new elements were added to human society, but the institution of marriage remained intact. This way it became a central structure around which other social institutions were built. This is the reason every religion in the world maintains and upholds the sanctity of this institution. However, there was a clear emphasis on simple and affordable ways of conducting marriages. The teachings of all religions in this regard are quite obvious. Our own religion believes in the simple way of conducting this affair, but unfortunately we don’t stick to the teachings of austerity in this regard. The concept of marriage has undergone a tremendous change in recent times. Gone are the days when virtue, sincerity, affection and other such qualities were considered. Nowadays what is important is all determined by its material status. How much dowry a bride can bring with her; how prosperous the family is in terms of property and money; how much is spent on celebration; how much food is served and likewise. It is no more the ringing together of families but a pure business venture in which material considerations stands at the core of things. Despite following the standard procedures the unpleasant truth is that divorce rates are raising, erosion in families are common place and the sensible people who have been waiting for their lifetime are severely disappointed. Marriage is a new beginning of life, an agreement which in its embodiment guarantees eternal bliss for those who seek. To consider marriage as one-time thing and expecting too much of it will just bring about hardships of all kind. Our present society is driven by the considerations which are materialistic, and this has brought a devastating change to our society. Our way of thinking has given birth to a monster in terms of pomp and show that surrounds the institution of marriage from top to bottom. It is our collective responsibility to find a way out of this before it is too late.

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