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Making peace with your soul
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Making peace with your soul

Conflict of ideas, interests and priorities, if not managed and fixed with care and wisdom at our own times with our souls, would be transmitted to the generations to come to trap them as well - a bad legacy we must end up

Post by on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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Most of us are trapped within, in conflicts, strife and in an invisible battle against the bellicose forces disturbing peace at soul. Viciously, these run after as predators to dart out and grab our peace- the priceless asset of life being searched out by all.

The conflict is visibly detected in our invisible souls and distracted and chaotic societies too. It bruises the face of peace and finally, ruining the life here, there and everywhere. Conflict as a process is spinning within a soul and there is always a struggle, a fight and a resistance between peace and the forces of conflict. Causes are various so are the conflicts. Some are genuine, some not and some are mere hallucinations and some are unnecessarily caught and brought within. So, all are busy to take on their true, created, invited and pseudo conflicts. But the shivering of disturbance is attached with all at all times, whatever the causes.

It hardly stops and we can't keep it off. We take it to our work, walk and worship. We discuss it. We admit it to be walking with us not like shadows but one more entity with or within us. One who has everything, still lacks something which blocks his senses to realise peace. One who has nothing, needs no mention. But, among them are such great souls who enjoy feelings of peace despite having nothing or very little to manifest.

Anyway, conflicts can vary in degrees and intensity but conflict free soul is invisible, almost. If not negative, but positive combating are sure to be with those who are in peace or pretend to be off the conflicts. If they are selfless, still their selflessness takes away their sleeps. They are more caught in conflicts. Because, being selfless is tougher in the society which is selfish. Sometimes, it proves to be a punishment. If they happily do for others what they wish for themselves, the others won't take it so easily rather doubt their selflessness. This conflict doesn't stop them to do because of their default DNA mechanism. And, ironically, this is true to those also, who doubt- a rare and interesting phenomena. They confuse them and put them in inner conflicts. Because, they are not like others to do what others do or budge as being generally perceived. They find themselves in Rome where they can't do what Romans do. That wraps them with tragedies all around. That is why; absence of understanding the selflessness among those they deal with is not less than a suicide.

Forgetting inner conflicts and confusions for a while, outer world is more ailing with raging conflicts. It brings soreness in family and creates wedge between the cells of same blood. It faints its redness and drags brothers to front to face its wrath. It scatters children when the bond between spouses is thrown to conflict. And, it never rests in homes only; it makes an open manifestation beyond fencing and takes neighbors, relatives and sometimes friends too to wring.

Conflict opens its jaws to grind so many and forces them to take on head to head. They get ignited by a spark in a brink of time. Sometimes lingering becomes the cause. Neglecting issues or undermining their importance at an appropriate time finally sees the contestants turning the sleeves up and blow. Allowing the crops to grow in the soil of conflict shall yield only unending tension with a pathetic but useless sense of yearning for peace. Time is gentle, supportive and friendly. But, it is harsh too, when its cries are over heard. It never turns back to cure its wounds. It inflicts those who allow it to slip through their fingers. Conflict is the only result which seldom bears anything beyond it. 

Combing back, competition not conflict is good. But now, the competition too leads to conflicts. Struggling in the midst of limited resources or opportunities is an order to follow. This acts as an engine of social change. The resources are shifted, status replaced and social power is gained, lost and regained. It too breads conflict, sometimes hidden sometimes manifest. So, the concepts appearing static have actually changed long back. We have missed to notice the change.

Conflicts are more dangerous at global level. The giant powers by their muscle, money or mockery play for the huge resources, insensible hegemony and forced monopoly. This arises tensions and conflicts because all these resources, opportunities and means of production are scarce. This is what conflict theorists say all about. At times, race, culture, religion, gender, nation or ethnicity turn to be strong causes of conflicts and destroy the web of relations across the globe.

Even, within these groups and communities, conflicts seem to be embedded. When they wake up from rest and peace, after wide yawning and a deep and long inhale, they brawl on each other and emit all that has been learnt. We are incompetent to learn how to live in conflicts. We actually don't know that we too have changed. We have lost the originality. We are that we don't know. The cause for all this is that we are detached from our souls. We don't have a dialogue with souls to streamline ourselves at different fronts. This is a tragedy we hardly pause to see.

So, everywhere peace as an entity is restless, worried and feared to leave us dry. Souls, states and societies- all are conflict scorched. All fight to come out of conflict at all levels. Some always want to be victorious, some retreat and surrender and some strategically retreat to introspect. All bear the equal consequences at individual and societal levels.

Living is a skill which we often ignore or manipulate or being manipulated to fix in conflicts within and without. Conflict of ideas, interests and priorities, if not managed and fixed with care and wisdom at our own times with our souls, would be transmitted to the generations to come to trap them as well - a bad legacy we must end up.

(The Author works in Education Department and is RK Columnist. He can be reached on:reyazmir58@gmail.com)

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