Make Suhoor Wholesome
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Make Suhoor Wholesome

Post by on Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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Like breakfast, Suhoor should be the most important meal of your day. Balance your Suhoor with nutrient-rich food like oatmeal, cheese, labneh, fruits and vegetables. Certain foods with lower glycemic index (low GI) including oats, quinoa, multigrain and wholegrain breads, hummus and yoghurt are good options as they release energy slowly throughout the day.  Remember to drink plenty-water,milk, laban and fresh juices rather than tea and coffee will keep you hydrated during fasting hours. Avoid heavy, creamy and fried foods, as well as salty and sugary dishes. Consider opting for Fish and leaner cuts of meat, wholegrain or Brown rice and pasta - as well as remembering to include your greens! Taking your time while eating, and keeping an eye on portion control will also help aid digestion and prevent weight gain.


 Dr Khalid Ud Rehman


MD Physician, Medical Officer J&K Health Services

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