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LOVE FOR FORGOTTEN: Baramulla's 'Hope for Strays'  an initiative to save, aid  stray animals 
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LOVE FOR FORGOTTEN: Baramulla's 'Hope for Strays'  an initiative to save, aid  stray animals 

Post by Noor Mohi-ud-din on Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Baramulla, Jan 31: 'Hope For Strays Baramulla', an initiative  to rescue and help stray animals, was taken 9 years ago by a team of four sisters from North Kashmir's Baramulla district.
This effort of saving stray animals had started with the adoption of six kittens at Azadgunj, Baramulla. Since then, the team has rescued and assisted hundreds of stray animals which include dogs, cats, horses, birds, and others.
NafiaWani, a lawyer  and one of the team members, says that the local administration and veterinary authorities were not providing any assistance in their efforts. 
She said despite facing ridicule from her colleagues and others, she along with her team remain committed to the cause. 
"We are inspired by the belief that positive change begins at home, so we embarked on a mission to aid stray animals in need of food and shelter from our home," Nafia said. 
Nafia said that they were being laughed at but they never stopped treating animals well and feeding them. 
"Even my colleagues who are lawyers and know animal rights laugh at me whenever I feed dogs. They call me mad but I want to be so rich that I can feed every hungry stray animal out there," she said.
Led by Nafia, Hope For Strays Baramulla team includes her sisters Urooj, Insha, and Mehwish making a tough effort to make a difference in the lives of these voiceless creatures. 
"With a deep understanding that these animals may not be able to communicate their needs, but they do feel and belong to a family, the team is determined to offer them the support they deserve," she further added. 
She said that people blame stray dogs but it's the fault of the administration. It is the fault of people who are not helping these creatures of Allah.  
"Feeding stray dogs is a great way to show kindness and compassion to animals in need. It can also help reduce the number of strays on the streets," Nafia told Rising Kashmir. 
Nafia and her team are asking for help from the local community, administration, and NGOs to provide food and shelters for the stray animals.
In a recent instance, Nafia was helping an injured horse that had been abandoned by its owner. 
She provided all medications to the horse from her own pocket and called for help from veterinary authorities.
Nafia and her team are taking the horse to Srinagar for medical treatment. 
Hope For Strays Baramulla urges people to understand the rights of animals and to show kindness by feeding these stray animals.
Let's take a pledge that this winter, we will make shelter available for these stray animals," Nafia says. 
"These animals feel, they have a family, and need nothing except your care and food,"she added.
She says, "Hope For Strays Baramulla is all thanks to SSP Baramulla Amod Nagpure who donated 40 kilograms of dog food to the non governmental organisation."  
"We don't believe in photo shoots but whenever we share pictures we want to make people aware about animal rights. We ask for help," she said. 
Hope For Strays Baramulla is a noble mission that highlights the importance of animal rights and the need for compassion and care for stray animals. 
The team is calling for support and assistance from the public to help feed and provide shelters to the animals during the winter season.


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