Locals in Burzahama suffer due to absence of FCS&CA seller at ration depot 
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Locals in Burzahama suffer due to absence of FCS&CA seller at ration depot 

Post by RK News on Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Srinagar, Sep 26: The residents of Burzahama Hazratbal are frustrated by the absence of a government ration provider, causing significant delays in their access to essential supplies.    
Locals said that the local ration seller fails to provide them ration on time every month. They said that the ration depot in Burzahama is yet to provide them monthly ration as the month is about to end.
The locals said that the failure of ration distribution on time by the concerned has forced locals to buy rice from private sellers. They said the poor in the area who cannot afford to buy from private sellers are on the verge of starvation.
“We are poor people and are waiting every month for the ration. In our area of Burzaham this particular seller never shows up. It is the end of month, and we are yet to receive the ration. The ration seller has been playing avoiding tactics for the past month, and authorities are unable to make him accountable,” said a local
Another local said that some locals are yet to receive their share of ration for two months. They said the ration seller chooses one day at the end of the month to distribute the ration, and most of the locals are not informed.
“We have to stay guard at the local ration shop, and he never shows us. We are laborers and poor people who have to waste a month to get a few KGs of rice. Is the ration seller not supposed to perform his duty daily?” said another local.
The locals alleged, “This seller takes aadhaar based signatures at our respective homes in advance and then fails to show up for a month. He gets done with his office works through these tricks and tactics and then makes us starve for a month,” said another local.
The locals said that the continuous delay has made it impossible for them to keep track of their ration supply. These locals appealed to the Director FCS&CA to take strict action against the erring official.
When contacted, Reyaz Ahmad Sofi, Director FCS&CA, said that he has taken notice of the issue and strict action will be followed. “I have already sent a team to the area to take the inspection of the grievances of the locals,” Sofi said. 

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