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Listen to your body
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Listen to your body

Post by on Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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Fuel it when it is hungry & eat or fuel it at the right time.
Eating is essential to live so eat to live.
Best times of meals.
Why King Sized Breakfast,Princes Lunch & Paupers Dinner?
It is an old saying that "never share your Breakfast and lunch with anybody but share your Dinner with everybody".
2 Hours after we wake up we must take Breakfast,if we delay then chances of obesity increase due to release of hunger hormones which do store calories as fat so increase chances of obesity & cardiac risks & invitation to diabetes. 
Eat after every 4 hourly.
Each meal must contain 300 to 600 calories. 
By eating heavy Dinner we cannot burn calories so all calories are stored as fat.
Eating too close to Bed time increases blood sugar & insulin levels which further increase risks of obesity,Heart attacks,Hypertension. 
Dinner timing must be 3 Hours before sleep.
Let us keep a proper timing for meals & food Habits.

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