LG Sinha urges striking a balance for a happier life 
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LG Sinha urges striking a balance for a happier life 

Post by RK News on Friday, October 20, 2023

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Srinagar, Oct 19:  Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha addressed the motivational event, 'A Life of Happiness,' organised by the Inner Space Centre at the University of Kashmir. The event witnessed a warm welcome for renowned international motivational speaker Sister Shivani in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
Addressing the gathering, the Lt. Governor extended his heartfelt congratulations to the Inner Space Centre and emphasised the pressing issue of stress in today's world. He acknowledged that people often find themselves overwhelmed by situations leading to anxiety, underlining the potential for tremendous happiness if individuals strike a balance between their external and inner journeys.
"The reality is, if stress is genuine, so is happiness," Lt. Governor Sinha remarked. He urged the people to break free from the entanglement with life's peripheral concerns and to seize the opportunities for ultimate bliss that life offers. "We must look within, recognize our potential, and understand the importance of this beautiful life filled with endless possibilities," he added.
The Lt. Governor drew upon the ancient philosophy of India, which has always encouraged individuals to know themselves, nurture their individuality, foster creativity, and pursue their passions. He highlighted how a simple moment, like hearing distant music when one is upset or stressed, can lead to perpetual happiness when people follow their creative passions and take charge of their lives.
Lt. Governor Sinha also called upon students, teachers, and professionals to rediscover their passions and contribute to nation-building with unwavering dedication. He stressed the uniqueness of every individual and the importance of recognizing it. 
"Our journey should be dedicated to serving others, wiping away every tear, and eradicating inequality. Dignity, pride, and prayers find meaning when we help those in need and guide them on the right path," he emphasised.
The event witnessed the presence of several distinguished guests, including Vijay Kumar, ADGP Kashmir; Prof Nilofer Khan, Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University; senior officials from the Union Territory and Police Administration; members of the Inner Space Centre and Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya; and a significant number of enthusiastic youth.

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