Let us save Padshah Pal
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Let us save Padshah Pal

Let's pledge not to promote such areas as picnic spots

Post by on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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This is in reference to various write ups and promotional videos on social about what they call Faqeer Gujri. At the very outset, I would like to correct everyone that the place they have been talking about is known as Padshahpal which is located at 1 km downhill from Fakeer Gujree.

It's an irony that despite knowing the fact that this place is an eco-fragile zone with a major water resource supplying drinking water to entire Dara hamlet, many people are trying to promote it as a picnic spot.

We the locals of Dara Harwan are not averse to anyone visiting any place where they get solace but people visiting this area by ignoring their responsibility of good citizens have spoiled it by contaminating the drinking water by taking a dip in it and by throwing plastic waste and other objectionable material. This is not only polluting the drinking water but it's causing a serious demage to the environment, flora and fauna of the area.

When it rains, this toxic waste thrown by public gets washed away thus contaminating the water in the stream locally known as Maloori Nala. Ironically the same water from Padshahpal is lifted by the Jal Shakti department and supplied to people without any filtration process. This does not make water fit for drinking as it contains very hazardous bacteria and viruses.

Only a decade before this place was very popular for its very serene, neat and clean surroundings but the number of people visiting this place beyond carrying capacity has spoiled its beauty and it's fast losing its sheen .The locals have been calling upon the authorities and the public to save this place but the voice has fallen into deaf ears.

Last year the locals in active coordination with environmental activist groups blocked the site thus preventing it from getting spoiled further but this year it didn't work due to huge influx of people wanting to take a dip in its waters .The only way to resolve this issue is to let the people understand what damage they are causing to this very eco-fragile spot. It's time for all of us to understand our social responsibility and create civic sense among ourselves so that not only do we save Padshah Pal but we maintain the sanctity of all the eco fragile areas of Kashmir.

Let's pledge not to promote such areas as picnic spots. Let's understand that the visitors visiting Padshahpal have been polluting drinking water; be it by taking a bath in fresh glacial waters or by throwing plastic waste in water, which is supplied to households thus resulting into the locals falling prey to various water borne diseases.

(Authoris a Harwan based environmental Activist. Email: Aroosarunga@gmail.com)

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