Language of peace
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Language of peace

Post by on Monday, May 16, 2022

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In a recent incident of violence, a young Kashmiri Pandit, Rahul Bhat was killed by the terrorists in broad day light while he was performing his official duties. This is a despicable act and must be condemned at any cost. The people of Kashmir by and large strongly protested against this heinous act. Also, J&K administration has constituted a SIT to investigate the killing of Rahul Bhat. Unfortunately some local political parties especially NC and PDP are trying to communalize the masses on this issue by giving provocative and sensitive statements, thus creating a sense of fear psychosis in the Pandit community. One may ask the question, what have these parties done for the safety and rehabilitation of kashmiri Pandits when they were in power? The critics would say that nothing substantial was done for the welfare and safety of this community during NC and PDP’s rule. In fact kashmiri pandits suffered the most during their times. These political parties and their leaders need to remember that for those who believe in peace, its merits and as a means to forward the interests as well as aspirations of people, they would always speak in that language, no matter how much intimidated they feel. Political parties especially PAGD, which ruled for decades in J&K in the last 75 years of India’s independence, is making certain statement that is unwarranted. Shockingly, when the common man is on the street against terrorism, the leaders of alliance are busy in triggering fears among Pandit community. The language of peace is universally accepted as a humane and cultured response to any problem, while as violence is discarded for the widespread destruction that many a times even consumes the one who is its proponent. People in the most difficult situation must remember that a wrong step can never be corrected with another wrong step – violence is bane and can hardly justify the end. Those who advocate violence are not jeopardizing only their own lives and safety of their people but also of others as often violence spreads like an infectious disease. It is time that our political leaders take a realistic view and not think in terms of what can be achieved by exploiting the situation for petty political interests. People as responsible members of communities, social groups and society at large must strongly advocate the language of peace. More wars have been won, tragedies averted and problems solved without even firing a single bullet. To establish peace takes a long time, but to vitiate it is a matter of minutes or hours. The clock doesn’t turn back; therefore, people with reason must be absolutely certain of the consequences. It is our collective responsibility to advocate peace even in the most trying times. It is a fact that expression of sympathy with the bereaved family will never assuage the tormented population unless some concrete steps are taken to fix the culpability and bring those elements to book who commit such heinous crime of killing innocent people. Let us all spread love, compassion and mercy and try to build our society on the foundations of peace and justice.

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