Kulgam admin launches Open Badminton Tournament at Qaimoh indoor stadium
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Kulgam admin launches Open Badminton Tournament at Qaimoh indoor stadium

Post by Younus Rashid on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Kulgam, May 30: The district administration of Kulgam in south Kashmir commenced an exciting badminton open tournament on Tuesday at the newly constructed Qaimoh indoor stadium. In collaboration with the District Youth Services and Sports Department, the Kulgam District Administration is organizing this highly anticipated event.
The tournament, which was formally inaugurated, welcomes participants of all genders, aiming to promote inclusivity and encourage sportsmanship. Local district players are particularly encouraged to sign up for this grand tournament, showcasing their skills and passion for the sport.
The Deputy Commissioner of Kulgam, Dr. Bilal Mohi-Ud-Din Bhat, hailed the commencement of the sporting activities at the Qaimoh region as a significant milestone. He emphasized the pivotal role that sports play in shaping the mindset of young individuals within the community.
"Our focus is on youth engagement programs, and events like this will bring positive change to the area and help us connect with the younger generation," stated Dr. Bhat.
Expressing his appreciation, Dr. Bhat praised the Sports Council for their exceptional efforts and acknowledged that the construction of the indoor stadium was a long-standing demand from the local community. He expressed optimism that the stadium would be officially opened to the public in the near future.
Notably, the Qaimoh indoor stadium was sanctioned under the Prime Minister's Development Package (PMDP) but is yet to be officially inaugurated. The launch of the badminton tournament serves as a precursor to the stadium's eventual opening, generating excitement among sports enthusiasts in the region.
During the inauguration event, several prominent figures were present, including DIG South Rayees Mohammad Bhat, SP Kulgam, and other officers and officials, highlighting the importance of the tournament and the support it has garnered from various stakeholders.
As the tournament progresses, participants and spectators alike eagerly anticipate the thrilling matches and fierce competition that will unfold on the badminton courts of the Qaimoh indoor stadium.

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