Kishtwar saffron gets GI Tag
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Kishtwar saffron gets GI Tag

Post by RK News on Friday, November 24, 2023

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On Wednesday, Kishtwar saffron received well deserved Geographical Indication (GI) Registration.  The Geographical Indication (GI) tag stands as a beacon of trust and quality. The awarded GI tag to Kishtwar Saffron is a testament to its unique characteristics and is cause for celebration for the farmers of the District. Kishtwar, nestled in the mighty mountains of Jammu and Kashmir, has been quietly weaving a golden thread of saffron cultivation for centuries. The saffron cultivated here, characterized by its longer and thicker stamens, is known for its distinctive aroma, flavour, and medicinal properties. It is a product of the region's unique geography, climate, and traditional cultivation methods, making it truly one of a kind. The awarding of the GI tag is a significant step towards recognizing the tireless efforts of the farmers and the unique heritage of this region. It brings the much-deserved spotlight onto Kishtwar Saffron, distinguishing it from other varieties and ensuring that its identity is preserved and protected. This move will undoubtedly empower the local farmers and traders. The GI tag prevents unauthorized use of a registered name by others, thus providing a legal shield to the producers. It will help to eliminate the fake and low-quality saffron being sold in the name of Kishtwar, ensuring consumers get genuine, top-quality spice. This, in turn, will fetch better prices for the farmers and boost the local economy. Moreover, the recognition has the potential to promote tourism in the District. The picturesque saffron fields of Kishtwar could attract visitors from across the globe, adding another layer of economic benefit. However, with this recognition comes a responsibility. It's crucial to ensure that sustainable farming practices are maintained, preserving both the quality of the saffron and the health of the land it grows on. The government and Department of Agriculture must provide adequate support to the farmers in terms of resources and education about sustainable farming practices. This GI tagging is a significant milestone, but it's just the beginning. It opens up vast opportunities for research and development to further improve the quality of Kishtwar Saffron and explore its untapped potential. More importantly, it sends out a positive signal to other States in the country that uniqueness and quality are valued and rewarded. The culture, heritage, and hard work encapsulated in each strand of this saffron must be cherished and protected. The recognition received by Kishtwar Saffron serves as a reminder of the vast agricultural wealth of India and the need to protect and promote it. GI tag is not just about geographical boundaries. It's about preserving heritage, empowering local population, and ensuring the delivery of quality products to consumers. It is a step towards a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future. The concerned officials must gear up their monitoring work to ensure that cheap products are not sold under the label of genuine quality Kashmiri products.


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