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Keep it (de)Light

We live in and live out of elections. There is no other ‘busy-ness’ as serious as living in election mode in India, of course after the ‘busy-ness’ of food

Post by on Friday, January 28, 2022

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We are once again in election season, or fever.  Whatever you want to call it.  It sure is heavy on our system and we need to keep it light to sail through it. Umm..consuming something light like Khichdi? Forget about brouhaha by twitterati over certain technical glitches and tongue slips. What's the big deal till we can enjoy khichdi.


Khichdi…a humble rice and lentil mixture is the answer of all ‘let's keep it light’ resolve after all those heavy gulps beyond the limit of satiating the belly. Not too humble though! Even the Mughals had it; Akbar ravished it, Arangzeb-the haughtiest of ‘em’ all loved it too and the rest of them had it their own respective ways. Despite this strong love of Mughals for khichdi it fell just short of being part of Mughlai food. Although it serves its purpose well after every course of Mughlai Daawat. 


But here it is not all about khichdi…or the ‘kishri’ as described by Ibn-e-Batuta in his memoir. It is all about keeping it ‘Light’. Mughals’ Love for khichdi made sure it doesn't remain a sick-man’s food but also ensured a light-nutritious stuffing post heavy stuff. Man!! What a range it has. Anyways, let's come to the point. Why talk about Khichdi in election season? 


Election season? What is that? We have it all the time, No?


Indians love their food. You even try messing with their food and you have it, literally!! Remember! Elections are our staples too.  We can't survive without a regular dose of one. It Elections are a serious business here, like food. You can't mess with it. Every season is election time. We live in and live out of elections. There is no other ‘busy-ness’ as serious as living in election mode in India, of course after the ‘busy-ness’ of food.


Indians love to plan lunch over breakfast and talk about dinners over lunch and the last talk of the day for every family is planning the breakfast next day. Quite relatable, isnt it? Hey,  don't  you dare miss the ‘Farsaans’ by-the-way.  Elections and food are quite relatable. What keeps us busy other than food is the electioneering. Like food we are always game for the elections- Scheduled, unscheduled, Bi-elections or midterm, whatever, we are too happy to savour it.  We are always in election mode-either having one, planning one or talking about one.


While we reel in the midst of five crucial assembly elections processes we already are looking at the equations building up for 2024, the mother of all, Lok Sabha elections.  This is so truly being Indian. Ahaaa.



So we need to indulge in Khichdi…to keep our belly fit for non-stop heavy stuff. Let those twitterati wink and rake mullahs over some odd slip of tongue and teleprompter glitche. I say no big deal man. Can we afford a sluggish belly? Thank God we have failed teleprompters and tongue slippages for “Beti Bachao Beti P……” Khichdi comes as a saviuor, from those heavy meals, and in many flavours…it is light. You know. Don't take me wrong.  Just keep it light.




(The Author can be mailed at: binnyyadav@yahoo.com) 

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