Kashmir's weatherman Sonam Lotus transferred to Leh 
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Kashmir's weatherman Sonam Lotus transferred to Leh 

Leaves as longest serving director with exceptional systematic acumen in weather forecasting Dr Mukhtar Ahmad to take over as MeT dept head

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Monday, October 30, 2023

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Srinagar, Oct 29: After more than 14 years of service in Kashmir valley, Director of Department of Meteorology in Jammu and Kashmir, Sonam Lotus, has been reassigned to lead the Meteorological Center in Leh in Ladakh, while Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad will assume head MeT Srinagar.
According to the official government order, Sonam Lotus, holding the position of Scientist-E, will take on the role of Head at the Meteorological Center in Leh and is hereby relieved of his responsibilities as the Head of the Meteorological Center in Srinagar, effective immediately and until further notice.
Meanwhile Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, holding the position of Scientist-D, will assume the role of Head at the Meteorological Center in Srinagar, also effective immediately and until further notice."
Lotus is renowned for his exceptional accuracy in weather forecasting within the Kashmir region. He is a celebrated meteorologist, well-known for his invaluable contributions in saving numerous lives over the years.
In 2008, Sonam Lotus was transferred and posted as Director MeT centre Srinagar where he has become the longest-serving director of the department.
Sonam was born and brought up in a farmer family in Sharah—a village in Leh Ladakh which is 60 km away from the district headquarters.
 The MeT Srinagar centre is one of the best MeT centres in the country. Notably, in 2017, the centre received the best IMD centre award in India.
 Lotus is known for his accuracy during weather predictions in the valley. The advent of science and technology and increase in the power of computing helps in accuracy. Forecasting needs a lot of weather information besides other parameters from different parts of the country,” he told Rising Kashmir.
He said weather has become an important segment of our lives. Although there are many sources, it is important to check the forecast from an authentic and credible source.
Lotus bagged the Best Employee Award by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) in New Delhi for the year 2017-18 in recognition of his significant contribution in the field of climate science and systematic, precise weather warnings which are averting disaster and natural calamities in the region.
Simultaneously, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, who joined the Meteorological Center in Srinagar in 2016 as Deputy Director, will now be at the helm of the Meteorological Center in Srinagar, following official orders from the India Meteorological Department.
Dr. Mukhtar, a distinguished scientist with a strong background in meteorology, previously served as Deputy Head of the MeT Srinagar.
His extensive experience and expertise in the field. Dr Mukhatar is responsible for providing crucial weather forecasts and information to the region.
This appointment is expected to further strengthen the department's commitment to accurate weather predictions and services in Jammu and Kashmir.

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