Kashmir's urban landscape set for major upgrades: LG
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Kashmir's urban landscape set for major upgrades: LG

Launches 32 urban development projects  Urban infrastructure gets a boost with over Rs 21 Cr investment 

Post by RK News on Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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Budgam, Oct 30: Underscoring a commitment to bolster urban infrastructure, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha inaugurated 32 development projects valued at over Rs 21.84 crore in the Kashmir Division. These projects, including the construction of Community Halls, Shopping Complexes, Development of Bus Terminals, Macademisation of Roads, and Drainage initiatives, are set to usher in a transformative era for small towns in the region.
In his address, Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha extended his heartfelt congratulations to the people and the representatives of Urban Local Bodies. He emphasized the significance of these projects, asserting that they signify a crucial step toward fortifying physical and social infrastructure in the face of burgeoning urbanization.
"We are strengthening physical and social infrastructure for growing urbanization. City means hope, progress, and common welfare, and to achieve these goals, concerted efforts are being made for recreational facilities, modern planning, and city management, and participatory administration," stated the Lt. Governor.
He emphasized that the realization of future development goals hinges on the effective implementation of well-thought-out plans and policies, thereby making cities and towns more vibrant and sustainable. The Lt. Governor underlined the importance of the "smart city" concept, portraying it as more than just a slogan but a way of life. These well-planned infrastructure projects are being developed with an eye on enhancing the quality of life and driving economic progress, ensuring that future generations can fully reap the benefits.
"Smart city and town is not just a slogan but a way of life. The well-planned infrastructure projects are being developed as a confluence of ease of living and economic progress for sustainable growth so that future generations can fully benefit from it," he emphasized.
Moreover, the Lt. Governor reiterated the unwavering commitment of the Union Territory (UT) Administration to bridge the decades-long developmental gap and provide enhanced, modern facilities to citizens. This, he stated, will be done while encouraging healthy competition amongst the Urban Local Bodies.
"Our aim is to develop more equitable and self-reliant towns, which preserve ancient culture and heritage, support disadvantaged sections of society, and attract private sector investment with a focus on economy and ecology," emphasized the Lt. Governor.
Lt. Governor Sinha also shared his vision for the future, highlighting the growing importance of Tier-II, Tier-III cities, and small towns as vital centers of economic development. He urged a shift away from regressive mindsets and called for facilitating private investors to unlock the potential of diverse sectors.
"In the coming future, Tier-II, Tier-III cities, and small towns will also become important centers of economic development. We need to change the regressive mindset and facilitate private investors to tap the potential of diverse sectors," he added.
The inauguration of these projects marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to fortify urban infrastructure and foster sustainable growth in the region. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha's vision for a brighter, more equitable, and self-reliant future for the citizens was reaffirmed in his address today. 
On the occasion, Heads and representatives of Urban Local Bodies expressed gratitude to the Lt Governor-led UT Administration for empowering the ULBs and addressing the development needs of the people.
Akshay Labroo, Deputy Commissioner Budgam; Sujit Kumar, DIG CKR Srinagar; senior officers, HoDs and representatives of Urban Local Bodies were present.

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